Programs and agencies that prevent foreclosure in Milwaukee.

A number of not for profits offer homeowners that live in Milwaukee free services, counseling, and foreclosure prevention. While there is not one solution that works for all, the organizations (many of which are HUD certified) will go through a menu of mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs to find the one that is best for the individual.

The local Milwaukee housing market hasn’t been hit as hard as other major cities, but there is still a need from homeowners for foreclosure counseling. Usually someone needs help due to an unexpected financial hardship such as a job loss, reduction in work hours, or some form of medical emergency. In most cases the homeowner had a conservative home loan and they were not overextended, but the homeowner may be facing foreclosure just from bad luck or job loss.

Housing Urban Development (HUD) Housing Foreclosure Counseling Agencies in Milwaukee

The local Consumer Credit Counseling Service organization is Aurora Family Services. They are the local branch of the national non-profit credit and housing counseling organization. Call them at 888-799-2227. They are located at 4915 S Howell Avenue.

Regardless of your race or background, Hmong American Friendship Association may be able to help. Dial 344-6577. Their programs are offered in multiple languages.




Greenpath Debt Solutions is another leading non-profit. They will tackle all of the homeowners financial issues to ensure they can get back on track over the long term. For example, access debt and credit counseling, budgeting, and even bankruptcy advice. All of these are in addition to the foreclosure counseling which is offered at no cost to qualified individuals. Services are offered to Milwaukee families in both Spanish and English. Call them at 282-8064.


Low to moderate income homeowners, and people looking to buy a home for the first time, can call Housing Resources Inc. at 461-6330. They are located on 7830 W Burleigh St. in Milwaukee. They are a HUD agency with a proven track record of providing quality free home counseling services to prospective low and moderate-income home buyers in the region. They also help current homeowners stay in their homes. Highly trained foreclosure specialists can provide individuals with face-to-face or over the telephone counseling, all at no cost.

Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee focuses on providing information on the legal process as well as FAQs for dealing with a foreclosure. Speaking to an attorney, on a pro-bono (free basis) is always a good idea, and the Legal Aid Society can make this happen. 414-727-5300

Another leading non-profit is Lightstreams Community Development Center. Telephone is 466-4999. Some services administered include foreclosure mediation, information on federal government and Wisconsin assistance programs, and other free foreclosure prevention services.

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council, which can be called at 278-1240, covers the entire county. Get information and access to.

  • Referrals to free legal aid and government programs.
  • Support in dealing with predatory lenders and other fair lending complaints. Receive counseling for complainants on their options for remedy, and case management.
  • A program known as Strategies To Overcome Predatory Practices (STOPP) is run. It helps answer questions on mortgages, refinancing, debt consolidation and reduction, or home repair loans.

Select Milwaukee runs foreclosure prevention workshops and offers free advice from on site specialists. Phone 562-5070.

United Community Center offers a number of low income assistance programs. They are one of the leading social services agencies in Milwaukee. Get help with a multitude of housing issues, such as evictions, home repairs, disconnections, and all the way up through and including free foreclosure prevention and advice on dealing with predatory home loans. Phone 384-3100





By Jon McNamara

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