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The Middlesex County Info Line Support Services can serve as a clearinghouse for assistance programs as well as social service information. Specialists will partner with the client to access an information system to direct the struggling family to a resource in Middlesex County Massachusetts for their needs, whether it is a grant for their bills, food, child care, or more. Most have waiting lists in place, but people can learn about programs from churches, government bodies, charities, civic groups, and clinics.

In some cases, the applicant can use the resources administered by the Info Line directly, such as the emergency food pantry. In order to get information from the organization, there are no eligibility requirements other than income. The agency serves anyone who meets requirements, if they go through the assessment process and waiting list. There are dozens of services available from charities and non-profits as well as the government, and the United Way support InfoLine can direct the caller to them.

The Info Line Support Services provides referrals to childcare care assistance. There are vouchers for low-income families in cities such as Lowell and Middlesex County, and this public aid is available for those who qualify. As part of the sliding fee concept, some payment from the family is a requirement and will be determine based on the family income.

The assistance available as part of this benefit provides support to those eligible clients for work, employment-related activities or work/school activities. Parents can be in school or employed as well.

SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which was called Food Stamps, helps increase a low income families purchasing power. The Middlesex County Info Line Support Services offers this state and federal resource. Not only can it help a family buy groceries, but it offers educational support too.

The process can take a while to enroll, but there is an expedited service too. Each application is screened by a local social worker. For those that are facing a crisis, an EBT card may be issued within 7 days. In the meantime, there are many pantries in Newton, Lowell, and other communities.

SNAP will provide the family with an EBT card. They can use it to shop for groceries at most retailers, including Wal-Mart, Kroger, Aldi, and others. The amount provided to each clients depends on factors such as their income, the total amount of public aid allocated to the state, and number of household members. If a Middlesex County resident thinks they may be qualified, they can apply at places that the United Way Info Line refers them too.





The Middlesex County Info Line Support Services Workforce Development Center offers free workshops across communities including the city of Cambridge and Lowell. There are sessions held on job search techniques, personal growth, skills training, career development, entrepreneurialism, and small business development.

  • An Orientation Workshop is held.
  • If qualified, and if the Middlesex County Massachusetts family is still interested, the next steps include successful job search techniques, setting and meeting career objectives, and a tour of the Workforce Development Center.

Staff are friendly and caring. They will also show people how to use a computer to apply for a job. Counseling, “cheering people on”, and other support is also arranged by partners of the Info Line.

The partners of the InfoLine are closely involved in administering the Head Start Program, which is for families and specifically children living in poverty. The program is a federally-funded comprehensive preschool service for children from families living in poverty. The student needs to be ages 3-5 years old.

-Children receive up to two free meals per day as well as high-quality early education services. They also can access affordable health care, dental cleanings, and special educational support if needed.
-Parents and entire families of the child can also benefit from Head Start. They are given access to many non-profit community agencies in Middlesex County that provide help with housing, food, clothing, education, and job training.

Callers to the Middlesex County Info Line Support Services Housing and Emergency Rental Assistance can get information as well. For those that have not received financial help in the past 12 months and meet other conditions, there may be cash grants available for utilities (electric, heating, water), housing (rent or deposits), moving costs, and more. Critically, the applicant also needs to show the ability to pay future rent and bills on their own.





Small dollar amounts may be paid out to those people facing a crisis and that meet income guidelines. Applicants from cities including Waltham need an eviction notice from their landlord or disconnection from their utility company. The individual also needs to comply with Case Management procedures put into place and pass background checks. In cases in which funds are not available for housing needs, then alternatives such as referrals or shelters for the homeless will be explored.

Living a healthy life better prepares a person find a job and become productive. It will therefore help enrich the larger Middlesex County community. With this in mind, the Info Line Support Services puts strong emphasis on the importance of being proactive about staying healthy and offer help for medical needs. There are also referrals to Medicare or Medicaid application sites.

The staff also have information on a range of health-related programs and services from local clinics. This is also done to help Middlesex County residents enhance and maintain their good health, including various screenings.

In some cases, local volunteer doctors visit clients at home, assisting with medication scheduling, performing health screenings, and providing counseling on diet and exercise. The underinsured or immigrants can sign up for informational fairs that demonstrate practical ways to stay healthy, such as ways to cook and eat healthy; mammograms; basic check ups; and educational events focused on proactive behaviors.

LifeLink is an alert system for the elderly, sick, and homebound. The main goal is to notify the authorities, such as emergency medical help, in a crisis. This allows residents of Middlesex County to have even more independence and has allowed hundreds of residents to be able to continue to live in their own home as they age.




Not only can it be relied upon to notify a doctor or say summon an ambulance, but some people even use the system to remind themselves to take medications. The Info Line support staff can provide more information on the various functionality of the system.

Those are just a few of the programs administered. The Middlesex County Info Line Support Services literally has information on literally dozens of other resources for low income as well as struggling families. For more details, dial 877-211-6277.


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