Middlesex County Homelessness Prevention Fund and Housing Programs.

While the goal is on homeless prevention, funds may also be provided to those families or individuals that are seeking a new home. The Middlesex County Connecticut Homelessness Prevention Fund is administrated by a number of agencies, charities, and non-profits in the county. Both one time, financial aid for paying rent is available as well as advocacy and case management.

The program is run by the Middlesex County Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (MCCHH). All funding comes from charitable foundations, corporations and many generous individuals throughout the region. Some of the main objectives of the program are as follows.

  • It offers referrals and information on existing resources that may not be widely known among very low income residents, including zero percent interest loans for a missed rent payment.
  • Case management, housing stability, and support is for formerly homeless families and individuals.
  • Staff promote financial literacy and employment among clients, and help them increase their understanding of housing and eviction laws.

While financial support is offered, funds are limited. The Homelessness Prevention Fund assists households and individuals in Middlesex County, including the towns of Lyme, Cromwell and Old Lyme. One time rent assistance may be available for those residents that are at risk of homelessness or imminent eviction. Any cash aid paid out is for those applicants that are facing a temporary financial crisis (such as a short term reduction in work hours) that could result in their inability to pay rent on time.

When applying for help, the applicant needs to have plan in place to regain self-sufficiency and pay the rent on their own in the future. A formal application process is in place by Middlesex County Coalition on Housing & Homelessness, and all approved applications are paid directly to the landlord or apartment manager.

The resources is available as the result of donations and partnerships. MCCHH members include local government agencies, churches, faith organizations, local hospitals, social service providers, businesses, private foundations, and more. They are all working together to implement the Middlesex County Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.




Many of the homeless families, or people facing eviction in Middlesex County tend to have some of the same characteristics. They are often headed by a single women with younger children or adults that lack education or job skills. Some are victims of domestic violence or have a mental illness.

On a positive note, the majority of homeless families do not remain homeless for long. This is true as long as they get a little help from families or funds to pay their back rent. They are often able to attain stable housing with little government assistance. In addition to any one time rent help, rapid-Rehousing and low income housing subsidies are also used to reduce homelessness in Connecticut.

Youth also can become homeless. This is often the result of family conflict, mental health disorders, or substance abuse. The solutions offered by MCCHH for other populations are not applicable to minors from the region, who cannot live or rent on their own.

The Homelessness Prevention Fund will also assist veterans. They often become homeless due to a mental war or physical disability. Rapid Re-housing assistance and prevention strategies work to house many veterans across Connecticut. This will include grants to pay a security deposit, case management, and emergency, one time rental assistance. The agencies will also arrange for permanent supportive housing when necessary.

All of these programs fall under the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness. This is one of the main reasons the fund was created in the first place, and the non-profit work together on finding long-term and sustainable solutions to evictions and homelessness in the community. The fund is run from 100 Riverview Center, Suite 230, Middletown, Connecticut 06457, or dial (860) 346-8695.



By Jon McNamara

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