Macomb County and Michigan State foreclosure assistance.

Macomb County as well as Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) have partnered together to help address the foreclosure crisis that is occurring across the county. Both MSUE and Macomb are working together to provide homeowners access to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified counselors. They offer applicants various solutions and options, and will meet one on one with homeowners.

Assistance provided to Macomb County homeowners

Housing counselors will meet with residents, including homeowners, and provide individual, confidential one on one counseling. Throughout this session you will receive access to information and guidance. The free advice is tailored and targeted at those homeowners who are either facing a foreclosure, or who may be at risk of losing their home to a foreclosure filing. Ideally people should start this counseling process before they miss a mortgage payment.

The programs offered by Michigan State University Extension can even help people who are currently in the foreclosure process. So there is some flexibility on the timing of any support offered. The MSUE organization is a one-stop resource for Macomb County residents facing foreclosure or who are having difficulty making their payments.

Homeowners will receive personalized, individualized solutions that are tailored to address the applicants  financial situation. Counselors have extensive knowledge on new mortgage assistance and foreclosure prevention programs, both those offered at the state of Michigan level as well as federal government. Get information on laws that pertain to foreclosures. You will get a clear view of available options so that we may negotiate with your bank or lender on your behalf for a loan modification. In addition, the organization will also connect local residents and families with valuable educational resources through workshops and events designed to create greater awareness for homeowners in Macomb County.





Other services offered may include information about the foreclosure process, legal timelines and how to contact and negotiate with a mortgage servicer or lender. Learn about the foreclosure process. Qualified individuals will also get access to a personal assessment of a homeowner's financial situation and development of a budget as well as action plan to address homeownership and financial issues. Other services include in-depth financial counseling regarding foreclosure avoidance options and/or options that involve leaving the home, learn about solutions such as mediation, receive counseling and advocacy with lenders when necessary and referrals to foreclosure prevention resources and government programs.

Foreclosure counseling sessions may also be available. The Michigan State University Extension offers Macomb County residents with a 2.5 hour session which provides residents with an overview of the foreclosure process, what options and solutions are available to borrowers and the steps to begin working with the bank/lender/mortgage servicer to obtain a mortgage modification. The programs are free and are offered a few times per month.

Steps taken

The housing counselor from Michigan State will work with the Macomb resident and provide the following services. First, a financial and foreclosure status assessment is completed between the counselor and homeowner. After that, the counselor will outline possible options and solutions for the homeowner, including exploring such options as loan modifications. Next, the bank or lender will be contacted to negotiate a settlement to the crisis. Last, but not least, a settlement agreement is reached and put in writing with the lender.

If you live in Macomb County, contact Michigan State University Extension at (586) 469-6430 to speak with a MSHDA certified housing counselor.




By Jon McNamara

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