Miami Elderly and Disability Services.

Seniors and the disabled can get help from the Miami Dade County Community Action Agency. The non-profit has separate programs and resources focused on their needs as well as care givers. Some of what may be offered from the Miami Elderly and Disability Services includes meals, transportation, and more so called recreational activities.

The Care Planning Program focuses on providing assistance to isolated elderly persons 60 years of age and older. The program responds to all requests for help that may be received either from persons in need or from their neighbors, families or other agencies.

Some of the services include in-home care as well as helping people who require some type of crisis intervention. Emphasis from staff from the Community Action Agency is on offering support to functionally impaired people, enabling them to avoid hospitalization or institutionalization. The program is run from 701 NW 1st Court, 11th Floor, Miami, Florida 33136, or call 786-469-4851.

Employment is available from the Foster Grandparent Program. It provides part-time, paid volunteer opportunities for low-income persons ages 60 or older. Through this program, the elderly render supportive services to special needs and at-risk children in Dade County Florida. In return for which they receive an hourly stipend, information referrals, a small income, free transportation allowance, daily hot meals, and casework services. Children who participate receive the benefit of improved, mental, physical, and general social development through interaction with the senior citizen volunteers. 786-469-4851.

The Miami Elderly and Disability Services Home Care Program provides all-round assistance to the elderly and the young disabled who need help with their daily activities. The program provides assistance with numerous activities. Examples are light cleaning, meals preparation, shopping, washing, or doing the laundry. Chores done by volunteers may be heavy cleaning, yard clean up, errands, and minor household repairs. Personal care includes assistance with, grooming, bathing, dressing and feeding help. The Home Care Program aims to provide short term relief for family caregivers as well and keep clients in their current housing location.





Free Meals for the Elderly provides older persons and seniors with hot nutritious meals. Other benefits of this is just general companionship and activities. This takes place in a Senior Center setting 5 days per week. For more information please contact:

-Harry Cain, 490 NE 2 Ave, 3rd Fl, Miami, FL 33127, call 305-372-7646
-2525 NW 62 Street, 4th floor, Miami, FL 33147, call 305-514-6060
-Florida City/Homestead, 600 NW 6 Court, Florida City, FL 33034 ph 305-242-7650
-Mildred and Claude Pepper Regional Towers, 2350 NW 54 Street, Miami, FL 33142, call 305-514-6000
-Jack Orr. 550 NW 5 Street, Miami, FL 33128, phone 305-579-5588
-Goulds (Isaac A. Withers), 21300 SW 122 Ave, Rooms 15 & 17, Goulds, FL 3170, telephone number 305-235-1958
-First United Methodist, Church 400 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33128, call 305-371-3392
-Perrine, 17901 Homestead Ave. Perrine, FL 33157, 305-234-4986
-Edison/Liberty City, 200 NW 55 Street, Miami, FL 33127, 305-751-3569
-Deedco Gardens, 105 SE 12 Ave, Miami, FL 33033, telephone no 305-242-7671
-South Miami, 6701 SW 62 Ave, Miami, FL 33143, call 305-669-0712
-Bethune/Brownsville, 2900 NW 43 Terrace, Miami, FL 33142, ph no 305-638-6052
-Miami Gardens, 16405 NW 25 Ave, Miami, FL 33054, call 305-620-3975
-Ives-Dairy-Col. Harry Zubkoff,  NW 199 Street, Miami, FL 33169, telephone 305-770-3137
-Culmer/Overtown, 1600 NW 3 Ave, Miami, FL 33136, call 305-571-7232
-Stirrup Plaza, 3150 Mundy Street, Miami, FL 33133 telephone number is 305-514-6000
-Richmond Heights, 14638 Lincoln Blvd., Miami, FL 33176, call 305-254-4420
-Peter Plaza, 191NE 75 Street, Miami, FL 33138, main phone 305-514-6000
-New Horizons Neighborhood Family Services, 7505 NE 2 Ave, Miami, FL 33150 telephone 305-759-5262
-Covenant Palms, 8400 NW 25 Ave, Miami, FL 33147, call 305-514-6000
-Naranja Center, 13955 SW 264 Street, Miami, FL 33032, 305-258-5471
-Pinewoods Villa, 8420 SW 188 Terrace, Miami, FL 33157, 305-514-6000
-Charles Hadley/Carrie Meek Senior Center, 1300 NW 50 Street, Miami, FL 33142 phone number is 305-634-5791
-BATZ Center, 150 NE 68 Street, Miami, FL 33138, call 305-514-6000




Another food assistance program is Meals on Wheels. Both Miami-Dade County Community Action as well as Human Services provides weekly home delivered meals to low-income, the disabled, ill and/or homebound residents of Miami-Dade County. They are work with local charities and churches in southern Florida. Participants in the delivery program receive many frozen meals, milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries and other food items every week.

A focused resource is the Haitian American Senior Center. It coordinates educational and recreational activities to the elderly Haitian American residents of the designated geographical area of Little Haiti. A morning snack, activities and in general a hot nutritional lunch are also provided daily. The Haitian American Senior Center, is located at 5080 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33137, call 305-758-3561.

Miami Gardens Senior Focal Point Center offers assistance to both independent and homebound seniors. It provides them with a wide range of social services. The center may run educational programs, accept applications for Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAEP), disburse information and referral, have free legal services, volunteer opportunities, and offer caregiver assistance. Address is 16405 NW 25 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33054, telephone 305-628-4354

Through the local Disability Services program, the disabled from the area receive adult day care and access to other assistance. The goal is to offer elderly, who need it, numerous disability services. It may be food, applications to SSI, or even someone to check in. Two other programs that are provided are the Disabled Farm Worker Program and the Home Care Program. Clients can also get referrals to low income housing units or apartments. Find a list of other Florida disability programs.

Another location is the Jack Orr Senior Center. This site provides residents with meals in addition to a wide range of, cultural, educational and leisure time activities. 550 NW 5 St. Miami, Florida 33137, 305-579-5588.





A community-based group known as Adult Day Care coordinates daytime care to functionally impaired elderly and young adults. Known as ADC, it is a comprehensive program that provides a variety of social, health care and related support services in a protective setting during the day.

The daytime care provided by the ADC is meant to supplement the care provided by families and other caregivers during the rest of the time. Adult Day Care provides participants with nutritious breakfast and a hot lunch every day as well as transportation to and from the centers for those who need it. 305-270-2943


By Jon McNamara

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