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Catholic Charities Miami-Dade and Broward County assistance programs.

Outreach services and emergency assistance is provided by Catholic Charities to the less fortunate in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Most of the support as well as financial aid is focused on the elderly, immigrants, low income families with children, and others who are faced with a crisis. Whether you need food, meals, housing, legal aid, or other support, the Broward and Miami Florida Catholic Charities may be able to help.

Catholic Charities also helps immigrants in southern Florida, including Latinos, Cubans, and others. Programs are offered to Spanish speakers too. Find details on social services, housing, CARITAS, and other assistance programs in Broward County as well as Miami-Dade.

Food, emergency financial assistance, referrals and other Catholic Charity Miami area programs

Food is provided by both congregate and home delivered meals. These Catholic Charity resources are a great way to help seniors. The programs promote independence, help them main good nutrition, and provide them with social opportunities.

Meals on Wheels are often low cost, or a donation is requested. As the money helps pay the volunteers expenses, pays for the food (at cost), covers gasoline costs, and other bills. No funds are kept by Catholic Charities that is beyond cost of the service.

Most of the meals are offered at Catholic Charities’ Senior Centers, which are spread across both Broward and Miami-Dade County. People who can’t make it to a center can sometimes receive a home delivered meal, which is made available for people who, because of infirmity or illness, are confined to their homes and who can’t make it to a senior center.

Seniors centers, information, and social services are offered for the elderly. Sometimes senior citizens need a place to socialize, or they need information on programs that can help them to continue living independently in their home. Catholic Charities of Broward and Miami, Inc. can help individuals and their families select the best long term care options.

The Senior Centers that are located at most Catholic Charity locations offer free meals and food, and much more. Some examples are listed below.




  • Get help applying for public benefits such as Medicare or Florida or federal government assistance programs.
  • Information and referrals to non-profit organizations across southern Florida.
  • Public aid including Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly (EHEAP) as well as SNAP Food Stamps.
  • Conversational English classes and job training.
  • Educational workshops on healthy living, and details on local community clinics for affordable health care and medical bill saving programs.
  • Budgeting and money management classes, as Catholic Charities teaches people to make their retirement savings last.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami runs Child Development Centers. The National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Council on Accreditation confirmed the effectiveness of the programs. These locations offer qualified families with safe, nurturing environments where children can grow, learn and thrive. Programs can help pre-school, infant/toddlers, and even school age children and students. Resources will be offered to families so that they can access high quality educational services, and so that children and their parents can meet their potential.

Children can get help with one or more of the following. Vision, dental, hearing, and immunization screenings. Nutrition is also key, so the program will offer at most 3 free, nutritious meals daily. Also available is after-school child care; educational plans for disabled children and those with special needs. Last, but not least, sign up for programs to promote literacy, social development, and health care.

Parents can also get help to ensure their child has the greatest chance of success. Families can access case management, social services and family counseling in Broward County and nearby areas. Catholic Charities is focused on building healthy strong, families. Parents can also get referrals for additional services and government programs as needed. Information on all assistance programs are provided by tri-lingual staff, including in Spanish, English, Kreyól.





Stabilization and case management services include Information and Referrals to public aid and cash assistance. Workshops are offered on job finding classes, parenting skills, strengthening families, and prevention of domestic violence. English as a second language classes are offered too.

Catholic Charity housing assistance in Broward County and Miami

Homeless prevention, shelter, and transitional housing is offered. Sometimes people go through a difficult period, and homelessness is often caused by a complex set of circumstances such as a job loss, a shortage of affordable housing, unstable employment, a lack of affordable healthcare, or domestic violence.

As most people know, rent and housing is not cheap in the Miami-Dade area. Many families need to choose between paying for their housing or rent, and buying food, prescriptions, and other critical needs. Catholic Charities may be able to refer, or provide people, with emergency rent assistance. They can also provide homeless families and children transitional housing and shelter programs.

Catholic Charities works to advocate for the poor, vulnerable, and low income in Dade and Broward County. They are a place to learn about state of Florida homeless prevention and rehousing programs. This can be for (1) renters (2) homeowners as well as (3) the currently homeless. They may all benefit.

One of the main programs is known as New Life Family Center. This will provide short term shelter accommodations for homeless women and single parents with children in Miami-Dade County.

The Broward County program is known as Providence Place. This is another resource that focuses on women with children.

Emergency prevention services aim to prevent evictions and homelessness. This is accomplished by supporting low income and working poor families and individuals. They are provided emergency services, case management, and more. Catholic Charities can offer:

  • Case management, information and referrals to local housing programs.
  • Mortgage/rent assistance for people facing eviction or foreclosure.
  • Energy bill assistance for FPL and other bills to avoid disconnection of your utilities. This is a Catholic Charity program for people in Miami-Dade County only.
  • Free food vouchers for groceries.

Catholic Charities also supports the Haitian, Cuban as well as Puerto Rican Community. The organization provides Outreach Services, and the primary resource offered is the Pierre Toussaint Haitian Center. Social workers support families and individuals from Haiti by helping them acculturate and adapt to life in Florida or anywhere in the United States. They even help clients with transferring money overseas using apps, which many immigrants do on a regular basis.





Catholic Charity social services

CARITAS and Catholic Relief Services have worked together to provide medical supplies, temporary shelter, free food, meals, and other aid as well to Haitians in Miami. Hundreds of families have received food and clothing vouchers as well as emergency cash assistance. Health care is also offered in collaboration with Mercy Hospital. They also work with colleges, such as FIU, to ensure that eligible Haitians continue their college education.

HIV/AIDS programs are also offered by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Broward and Miami.  Trained volunteers and professionals offer support including telephone reassurance, friendly visitation, and information on financial assistance and medical bill programs.

Patients can get Life Skills training and access to social activities. Receive referrals and assistance applying for public and government benefits. Emergency services include transportation vouchers, food pantry, and financial assistance for bills and housing costs. Get free information, guidance and referrals/case management. Catholic Charity volunteers also offer friendly visitation, companionship, and support for HIV patients dealing with end of life issues.

Locations and addresses

There are multiple churches and parishes, with a regional referral number as well. More details are below.

For emergency assistance in Miami-Dade County – Dial (305) 754-2444 or 305-573-3333
6081 SW 21st St, Miramar, FL 33023. Telephone (305) 887-8333
9900 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, Florida (305) 759-3050

Catholic Charities in Broward County can be reached at (954) 306-9537.
1503 Northeast 26th Street Wilton Manors, Florida 33305 dial (954) 630-9501


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