Mercer County Pennsylvania Salvation Army social services.

The town of Sharon and all of Mercer County Pennsylvania is served by the Salvation Army. Using donations and money raised from the thrift store, the Family Service center helps low income families, seniors, the disabled, and single parents with children among others.

The center supports clients in any way possible. Some of the goals are to stop hunger as well as homelessness in the county. They provide free food, emergency money for heating bills or rent to stop evictions, and Christmas meals too in an effort to meet this goal. There may also be local transportation arranged in a crisis.

The Sharon Salvation Army office also provides case management, counseling, and related support. These services from the center will provide child care and after school support for children. There is also the free use of a computer at the office for job searching, free school supplies for students, summer camp, and more.

Another service from the social workers is on helping clients apply for grants, public aid, including SNAP food stamps, government child care vouchers, and more. Those resources often complement what the Sharon Pennsylvania Salvation Army can offer on its own. Continue with applications for grants to pay bills.

Emergency financial help – The Salvation Army tries to meet this need when possible, but it can be challenging. Not only our resources limited, but applicants also need to be able to pay for their rent, medical bills, etc. on their own. So the Mercer County Pennsylvania family needs to be otherwise stable. There may be funds for the following.

  • Employment expenses – This means gasoline vouchers, work clothing, and counseling.
  • Housing or shelter expenses – Funds can help with paying security deposits, utilities, rent, and more.
  • Medical needs - Mercer County Salvation Army can offer medications for the uninsured as well as transportation for a doctor or hospital.
  • Food Pantry – This location may have groceries, free food for the low income, hot meals, and holiday food boxes.





Counseling and case management from the Sharon Salvation Army is used to stabilize the client. The Social Service Department covers this. The support is for non-financial needs, and this can include (but is not limited too) the following.

-Information on job openings in the Mercer County region.
-Children can sign up for summer camp or get a snack when free school lunches are not served.
-Parents, including single moms, have parenting classes, information on after school care, and more.
-The Salvation Army also arranges worship services.
-Substance abusers, such as for alcohol or drugs, is arranged off-site.

Basic needs provide material support. The three tools used for this include a thrift store, clothing closet, and seasonal goods. The food pantry can also help fill this need of struggling Mercer County families.

-Shop for low cost goods at the thrift store. There is furniture, cribs for newborns, clothing for work or school, appliances, furnaces, fans during the summer for the elderly, and more.
-The clothing closet is open for free to very low income families in Mercer County Pennsylvania.
-Seasonal aid is mostly during the holidays. This is when children can  be given free Christmas presents or toys. Other programs include food and hot meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. People living in poverty and the homeless can use the holiday programs.




Those are the main classifications of assistance programs offered. The location is 660 Fisher Hill, Sharon, Pennsylvania 16146-0629. Call them at (724) 347-5537 for information. Appointments are always needed in order to apply for help. Note resources are very limited.


By Jon McNamara

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