MATURA Action Corporation assistance programs.

Some of the programs available from the local community action agency, which is MATURA Action Corporation, include the following. The non-profit is one of the leading organizations for low income families in the region, including Adair, Adams, Ringgold, Taylor, Union and Madison County, to turn to for help.

They focus on self-sufficiency, and this includes for the unemployed or single parents. Financial assistance may be offered for homeless prevention type services, which will be rent, overdue utility bills, or even security deposits. Other resources from MATURA may be referrals or information on government benefits, both federal and state of Iowa.

Financial aid for rent, utilities, and housing

Get help with paying heating and energy bills from LIHEAP. This is the nation’s main utility assistance program. As part of the Iowa LIHEAP, many low income households receive cash grants or credits on their accounts. It was made to encourage regular utility payments for bills, promote energy awareness, and even encourage reduction of energy usage through energy efficiency.

Also provided through this Energy crisis intervention services are blankets and emergency fuel delivery, furnace repair/replacement and reconnection for heating service. Air conditioning can also be provided for those with a medical need for such service.

The federal government funded, and MATURA supported, Weatherization program works along with LIHEAP to help families increase comfort while decreasing their home energy usage and thereby reducing their cost.

Applicants for weatherization are chosen from LIHEAP clients and prioritized according to the household heating costs. MATURA staff evaluate client homes and private contractors are hired to complete the weatherization services.

The Weatherization resource can pay for extra insulation to prevent heat loss, caulking, furnace tune ups, sealing, and weather-stripping around doors and windows. Furnace repair and replacement (if needed) can also be done for those who own their homes.




Rental assistance and housing solutions from the Iowa homeless prevention programs are designed to help families who are facing eviction, who owe on back rent or who have a utility disconnection notice. This program prevents their families from becoming homeless.

It is also to assist recently evicted or homeless families with an emergency motel voucher and to help them in securing either temporary or permanent housing. This can include funding to pay for a security deposit on a new apartment as well.

The Emergency Food and Shelter program from MATURA Action Corporation is another option. It is there to help with paying bills and may be used for one month’s mortgage payment, rent, utilities, or groceries during a short period of time. This federal government food and shelter program is intended for families who are in need of short term, one-time cash assistance to get them through an emergency.

Other services, short term loan programs or assistance may be available to families or individuals who are in need during an emergency crisis. Family Development Specialists and case managers from MATURA Action Corporation within each county are aware of all services that may help out the family in need. If an individual or family has does not know where to seek assistance for a need that they have, they can contact the Family Development Center in their county.

Social services from MATURA

One of the services that the MATURA Action offers is FaDSS, or what is known as Family Development and Self-Sufficiency. This is provided to the residents of Madison, Ringgold, Adair, Taylor, Union, and Adams counties.

The main services that are offered through this program include referrals to other programs, at least one monthly home visit from a case manager, and support from other non-profit agencies within the service area. The use of advocacy and referrals by the community action agency has been a great support to participants of this program.

The MATURA FaDSS program is able to offer their services to dozens of families within the service area. If and when needed, they are willing to get referrals from Iowa DHS, Promise Jobs, charities, and other service providers. Criteria for a family to receive assistance from these FaDSS services is that the family must already be receiving help from FIP.

New moms or pregnant women can use the Maternal Health Program. This can give them the support they need during this state of their lives. These are just a few of the things that this program has to offer pregnant women, such as.

  • -Information on free formula or diapers.
  • -Health Education, Social Support Services, Nutritional Counseling, --Medical Checkups.
  • -Dental Cleanings.
  • -Newborn Care training.
  • The agency will even try to coordinate a nurse that can come to the applicant’s home after delivery.

Head Start combined with the state of Iowa Shared Vision are able to provide eligible preschool children with a comprehensive program focusing on early childhood. They will address health care, education and development, dental, nutrition. The goal is to offer the best support possible to the child.

The federally funded Head Start is ready to give your child the skills necessary to be ready for school and the future so that they can be as successful as other children entering kindergarten. As your child’s first teacher, parents are key. So the staff from MATURA want to work with you through this process. For more information on this preschool program please call MATURA Action Corporation at 641-782-6201





Those with the greatest need from counties such as Adair and Madison are eligible for assistance first and foremost, as participants are selected based on a point system. They offer other services such as child health checkups, dental screenings, and vision screenings along with periodical follow-ups. Staff are trained to meet the needs of your children and can also assist your family by letting them know about other MATURA and local community services.

The I-Smile Program was created by the Iowa Department of Public Health and is run in partnership with community action agencies. The main purpose of this service is to ensure that all children get the age appropriate dental care that they need. They do this by helping families to establish a dental home. This is a way to provide acute care and preventative services by checking for proper oral health care, oral disease, teaching clients about growth and development, coordinating nutrition counseling, and giving referrals to dental specialists.

A Registered Dental Hygienist is on staff to offer support and guidance. They serve as the Oral Health Coordinator. Clinics that work with MATURA Action Corporation provide the following services such as extractions, dental screenings, and even Oral Health Education. Other assistance from the I-Smile Program includes fluoride varnishes, dental checkups and cleanings, sealants. Hygienists teach Presumptive care is offered to low income families who qualify for Medicaid or Hawk-i.

Care Coordination is also used to make sure that those with low income or that lack insurance have access to dental services. The clinics will also work with and are partnered with local medical and dental providers.

Food and nutrition program known as Women, Infant, and Children Program (WIC) is a government funded program to assist women who are currently pregnant or who have a child up to the age of 5. It is specifically funded by the USDA - United States Department of Agriculture.

This program is to provide service for children, infants, lower income pregnant women, and nursing women who recently had a baby within the last year. WIC provides these mothers from Taylor and Adams County (among other areas) and their children with free healthy foods, any needed health care referrals, and nutrition counseling for both the mother and child.

A focus is on assisting seniors in the region. To this end, the Chore Services Program has been designed to provide the elderly who are of low and moderate income the chance to maintain their homes and be independent.

Sometimes elderly families have more difficulty with everyday tasks without extra help and support. These families are able to live by themselves but may not be able to do the work that is necessary to maintaining their home. So help is offered by the non-profit.

Connections and partnerships offered through Area Agency on Aging and Adair County Home Care have recognized the need for this service and have partnered with MATURA to provide the Chore Program services.

Working directly with welfare recipient’s the Promise Jobs Program provides service to those who are referred by DHS. It is a job training and placement tool for the state of Iowa.

The case managers and Promise Jobs staff assist the participant in developing a plan that will promote self-sufficiency. This is achieved by providing guidance, employment readiness training and case management. The Iowa Promise Jobs also brings together the client supportive services and training to help these individuals overcome challenges in finding employment.

Another employment program is WIA, or the Workforce Investment Act. This is an employment and training program funded by the federal government and overseen by MATURA. The WIA provides services to young, dislocated workers, the unemployed and low-income individuals within the counties and towns in Adair, Adams, Clarke, Decatur, Ringgold, Taylor, Montgomery and Union.

The purpose of this program is to provide a variety of services to help individuals find jobs with somewhat decent wages. Information obtained from employers is used to help participants with activities such as resume creation and interviewing skills. So that they may successfully find employment through these skills.




For those who need to update their skills, WIA will provide advice for training in multiple categories. It will range from basic computer usage, to internet usage to enrolling in an Associates Degree program.

Both WIA and Promise Jobs work together with other agencies to serve our participants in the best way they can. These supporting partner agencies include Iowa Workforce Development, Southwestern Community College, Iowa Department for the Blind, Area Agency on Aging, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Iowa Department of Human Services, and Proteus. Many other partner organizations and agencies from the region also provide additional services if the participant needs while pursuing their career goals.

Locations of the community action agency are as follows.

  • Taylor County, 607 Madison Street, Bedford, IA 50833, Phone: 712-523-3144
  • Union County MATURA Outreach Center, 207B North Elm, dial 641-782-8431
  • Madison County Center is at 1724 N. John Wayne Drive, Winterset, IA 50273, telephone 515-462-4704
  • Ringgold County MATURA Outreach Center, 202 North Taylor Street, Mount Ayr, IA 50854, 641-464-2401
  • Adair County, 354 Public Square, Greenfield, IA 50849, Main Phone: 641-743-2424
  • Adams County, 1609 Quincy, Suite 3, Corning, IA 50841, dial 641-322-4096


By Jon McNamara

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