Marinette County St. Vincent De Paul assistance programs.

The primary resource available from the St. Vincent De Paul charity in Marinette County is the thrift store. That one program determine what, if anything, can be provided to struggling families. The store is used to raise money for everything from vouchers for medications to one time rent or utility bill help.

Members of the community who shop at the location for clothing, furniture, appliances, or work items will be recycling that money back to the greater Marinette Wisconsin community. So the money raised is used to pay for their social services. It also provides people the ability to buy low cost goods for their home or apartment.

Case management is available along with financial help. This tends to be for women with children, the disabled, and also adults who are at least 60 years of age. This service from the Society of St. Vincent church helps clients apply for government grants for their household expenses while they resolve issues that threaten their ability to live independently.

Case managers meet with each client individually to provide crisis assistance and referrals to resources within Marinette County. One of the key distribution points of a government grant or loan is the United Way, so this will be explored. With the help of case managers, individuals can develop strategies to overcome the challenges they face.

While they work on the struggle, the local partners such as the United Way may enroll the family into rental assistance programs for their housing needs. Also, all across Marinette County and the state of Wisconsin, the St. Vincent Society is a source of information on WHEAP, which is the primary federal program for paying heating or gas bills. Many other resources may also be available by referrals, such as information on clinics, medical care, medications, and more.

Individuals and families in need of clothing, and even the homeless in the community, can turn to Marinette County St. Vincent De Paul for assistance. The non-profit understands that it is sometimes a challenge to pay for attire for work or school supplies as well as other basic human necessities. Therefore the agency aims to help clients so they can use the clothing clothing closet, and they do this in an effort to help people without compromising their personal pride or self-reliance.





The agency also provides household items, such as paper goods, blankets, towels, used appliances, dishes, cooking utensils, and pots and pans from the thrift store. These goods are available at a nominal or no cost, depending on the circumstances in question. Referrals to this program can from Marinette Wisconsin based social service agencies, the United Way, Salvation Army, and church organizations among others.

While at the thrift store, the Choice Pantry is used to help residents save money on their grocery bills so it’s easier for a struggling family to pay other expenses. A pantry box from Marinette County St. Vincent De Paul usually contains enough groceries for dozens of meals. Once a month, there may be items for lunch, meat, fruits, breakfast, soup, tea and vegetables and more.

The donations to the pantry (as well as the thrift store) are what allows the church to tackle hunger. So everything is always needed, whether a box of groceries or article of clothing. The items will go to those who deserve it.

The Dress for Work Success program offers underemployed, disadvantaged clients brand new, professional work clothes. The items may be sold at the thrift store, or the clothing closet part of the operation will meet this need. Access to this program requires a referral from the Marinette County Employment Center’s. This service focuses on helping participants gain independence and self-reliance.

The store of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul in Marinette County is the source of information or applications. For details, dial (715) 735-9100) or (715) 735-6955. The primary address is 1619 Main St.




By Jon McNamara

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