Assistance from Manna Ministries.

Manna Ministries can either refer low income families to assistance or provide resource themselves. The volunteers from the charity do not discriminate based on age, race, or religion. While they do try to help as many residents as possible, the fact is that resources are very limited.

When it comes to basic needs, there may be some items such as clothing, furniture from a thrift store, or food from a pantry. Programs around financial aid are very limited, and only a small number of families in Calcasieu Parish may get help from Manna Ministries with expenses such as rent or energy bills. However they will do their best to help a family make it through a crisis.

Manna Ministries of Lake Charles Louisiana is an independent charity organization, therefore, there are no governmental restrictions applicable to it. When possible, they will try to meet a request from an applicant, whether it is monetary or some other type of basic assistance needed.

If a working poor family has needs that don’t have restrictions, Manna Ministries may be able to fulfill their request. In the past, eligible clients have been able to receive assistance with various things such as water well pumps, loaner medical equipment, structural repairs to a home, medical needs and furnace and water heater replacement. Assistance was also given through a collaboration with other supportive service agencies in Calcasieu Parish.

The Manna Ministries Crisis Ministry is for residents that are in a short term temporary financial crisis. Any type of financial aid is only for people that live in Calcasieu Parish. They will need to have proof of residency as well as income and other information. Some of the information needed from clients include, but is not limited to, Photo ID, Social Security or Tax ID Number, copy of lease or utility bills, Application for Assistance, as well as Documentation of a Financial Crisis.

Money for paying a portion of expenses is sometimes available using proceeds from the on site Thrift Shop or government grants. All throughout Manna Ministries are compassionate staff and volunteers. They will interview applicants to determine how the ministry can best assist those in need, whether it is funds for paying back rent or a portion of energy bills. Other emergency aid may be prescription medicine or other housing expenses, even including a portion of a mortgage.




Manna Ministries sometimes provide not-monetary aid. This can include durable medical equipment supplies (such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, or bedside commodes.) Or there may be boxes of food from the pantry or clothing items. Manna Ministries will try to provide this to clients, free of charge when in stock.

Children are a focus. Whether their parents are struggling, or maybe they are being raised by their grandparents or other relatives are eligible to receive help. Manna Ministries will arrange for basic school supplies, clothing, and more. Examples of programs provided include the Back-to-School Project. Similarly, the Holiday Program helps caregivers by supplying age-appropriate gifts for their grandchildren.

Manna Ministries Congregate Meals are located at some sites in the county. The non-profit will provide hot, freshly prepared meals. But this is not all that is offered. There are other available services and benefits that include opportunities to learn; listen to speakers; socialize and participate in health screenings. Social events held by Manna Ministries include card games, volunteer opportunities, parties, and more.

Programming at the meal sites in Calcasieu Parish is set up to facilitate acquisition of knowledge and skills that suit the seniors’ interests and needs, as well as enhancing quality of life. Nutritious, well-balanced meals are provided at the sites in the county. Hours very, but hot meals are normally being served at noon. Other food programs are offered too, including the following.

  • -An on site pantry provides free boxes of groceries as well as non-perishable food.
  • -The ministry holds a holiday meal service in Lake Charles so that everyone can experience Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • -When the family needs long term support, there are referrals to government food programs too.

Manna Ministries provides those programs and many others. Any financial assistance will be very limited and families can't repeatedly request help. The charity can be reached at (337) 802-3729, or the office is at 1500 Country Club Rd, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70605.




By Jon McNamara

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