Madison County Citizens Services Agency programs in Mississippi.

The Madison County Citizens Services Agency is the non-profit community action organization for the region of Mississippi. The agency provides some of their own direct services, such as grants from LIHEAP as well as commodity foods, as well as information on other assistance programs. MCCSA will not only try to solve an emergency, but they also provide details on long term support services.

The LIHEAP program is the primary energy assistance program for struggling residents in Canton Mississippi and throughout the county. Priority is given to low-income households with high utility or heating needs, a high energy burden, a child or children (up to age 5), a member who is disabled, and/or a senior. LIHEAP requires a completed application before services are provided.

Madison County Citizens Services Agency provides other support too. Some of the services available include the following of Energy education, Repair of existing heating and cooling units, Budget counseling, as well as cash grants as a form of financial assistance with utility bill payment. Seniors from Madison County may also apply for crisis-related purchase of portable heating and cooling units.

The Madison County Citizens Services Agency and USDA CSFP - Commodity Supplemental Food Program gives working poor, vulnerable clients free boxes of groceries on a monthly basis provided they meet eligibility requirements. There may be some of the following given out.

Cereal or Oats.
Powdered or Evaporated milk.
Pasta and Sauce.
Cheese and Dairy
Canned meat / poultry
Peanut butter and bread.
Canned vegetables or fruit.
Fruit juice, Dry beans.





The CSFP food boxes are packed at partners of MCCSA and then locally distributed to participating area sites on a monthly basis. Each box consists of USDA donated commodities. Also given to families in poverty will be applications to SNAP food stamps and local pantries.

Hot congregate meals are also served.  MCCSA works to feed the elderly (and their spouses) to ensure their nutritional needs are met. While the program is free, small donations are appreciated to help pay for the food costs involved.

Information and Outreach services are offered. Based on an initial assessment done by a case manager at Madison County Citizens Services Agency, they will determine the applicants immediate needs. This may include financial support, medical needs, and much more. The staff member then sets priorities for providing financial assistance and counseling.

The case manager works with the client to create an action plan that includes a monthly cash flow and money management budget. They also provide them immediate relief, such as food, grants for rent, vouchers for clothing and more. Additionally, the MCCSA case manager assists clients as they work to develop and enhance their job search and employability skills in the Madison County Mississippi marketplace.

The goal is to empower low-income residents as well as individuals living in poverty. The services are available across Canton, including in Madison County. As part of this goal, the agency will encourage all who are seeking job or financial assistance and guidance. They will offer linkage to social services or referrals to our fellow human service agencies or charities. If this is not enough for the client, they can learn about additional services as well as government programs available to them.




Transportation services are provided. The Madison County Citizens Services Agency has a low cost Transit Division. It provides local travel in Canton and nearby towns. There will be a small cost involved, but many senior citizens and people with a disability use it.

The non-profit may have referrals to more substantive transportation programs too. MCCSA may refer a job seeker to local charities for bus passes or gas vouchers. When it comes to a job applicant that has issues with their current car or track, assistance may be provided for that as well. Low income families can be referred to volunteer mechanics that may offer cheap car repairs to help the family save some money.

Check up for seniors – The Madison County Citizens Services Agency Telephone Lifeline's as well as Ombudsman volunteers place daily phone calls to homebound residents over age sixty. This is also offered for senior citizens and the disabled who are homebound. This will check up on them. It offers the following support.

  • Reassurance
  • Conversation to address loneliness.
  • Information on services such as Meals on Wheels and more.

A set protocol is followed when there is no response to a phone call. There can be back up calls placed to family members or care givers if needed.

Madison County Citizens Services Agency serves the entire county from their office at 1005 W Peace St, Canton, MS 39046. For intake, or information, dial (604) 855-5710.



By Jon McNamara

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