Macon Outreach emergency assistance programs.

Macon Outreach  can help arrange for working poor families to receive everything from clothing to food, school supplies, or personal hygiene items. While in fact some households across Bibb County may request financial support for their basic living expenses, that is often hard to fulfill as resources are so limited.

Any request sent to Macon Outreach, whether for food, housing, or rental assistance is assessed on a case by case basis. If the person has a plan in place for stability and also contributes towards a portion of what they need, then this may increase their chance of getting help. There are never any promises or guarantees in place from the charity.

Food and meal programs from Macon Outreach

Macon Outreach food pantry distributes a three-to-five-day supply of goods for needy persons or those living in poverty with children. This depends on availability, as sometimes the pantry shelves are bare. But thousands of Bibb County families may receive help each year.

This service can be made use of every 60 days, and homeless individuals are given a hot meal anytime they request it. This of course is contingent on volunteers and resources. The resource is formally known as the Emergency Grocery Pantry.

The amount of food struggling families receive is contingent upon the number of family members and their ages. Other items, such as free personal toiletry kits, cleaning products and maybe even small amounts of pet food, are also available. Donations from the local community as well as companies such as Kroger stock the pantry.

Under Macon Outreach home-delivered meals service, nutritionally balanced meals are delivered during the day to homebound clients, such as disabled individuals, the sick, elderly persons and Bibb County residents who have limited mobility or cannot cook. The meals brought to their homes are frozen and can be heated in a microwave or oven. The agency, using dedicated volunteers, typically delivers a week’s supply of meals at a time. When possible, Macon Outreach makes accommodations for people with special dietary needs as well.




A kitchen also serves free meals. This is located in Macon Georgia and both part-time staff and volunteers serve clients. People stopping by range from families living in poverty to the homeless.

Additional support services and basic needs

Basic needs can be met by Macon Outreach. Most of what is provided is the result of their thrift store on site, as there is where money is raised for their operations. Anyone can shop at the location and the money they spend there will be put to good use. Between the thrift store, food pantry, and clothing closet, this is what may be offered.

  • Adopt a Family programs can provide both small Christmas gifts as well school supplies to children from low income families. Businesses and individuals in the community “adopt” a child to help.
  • Free personal hygiene items and supplies for a home. Examples may be detergent, soap, small appliances, and cleaning supplies.
  • Families from Bibb County facing an emergency, such as a fire, may receive vouchers to buy clothes, furniture, or similar goods.

In some instances, the basic needs are combined with referrals to emergency financial aid. All applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. There may be funds for everything from water bills to heating costs, rent, and much more.

Case management services will allow clients of Macon Outreach to get ahead and hopefully obtain self-sufficiency. Sessions are held for a number of weeks. The person seeking support will receive one-on-one advice to help them overcome barriers to success.




Basic needs are met during this process. The individual can receive free meals, information on affordable childcare, work attire from a clothing closet and gift cards. Sessions available in Bibb County will include personal money management classes and credit repair. They will learn how to navigate around employment barriers. Another service will allow them to learn about the rules of economic success. The bottom line is that Macon Outreach wants working poor families to overcome their hardships.

Depending on the request, there are thousands of local families that receive some form of support from Macon Outreach. The phone number is (478) 743-8026.


By Jon McNamara

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