Macon housing authority solutions.

Both tenant and homeowners can turn to Macon housing authority for assistance. The HUD certified agency and its staff of specialists have a goal of preventing homelessness, and this can include for people that rent or own their home. Short term solutions such as shelter are available as well. There is also support for families looking to buy a home, or that need to be rehoused into a more affordable apartment.

The main housing programs in Bibb County are below. Each will focus on low income families that are taking steps to gain self-sufficiency. So the client should be enrolled into job training or credit counseling services, among other programs. The goal is to support residents after they move from a short term housing site, and organize services to solve the root of the hardship.

Short term housing, including emergency shelters and transitional apartments are located across Bibb County and the city of Macon. These tend to serve the homeless, including single parents with children, veterans, the disabled or mentally ill as well as even two parent households.

  • The shelters will not only offer a bed to sleep in, but they offer free nutritious meals. The goal is for the staff from the site to work with the client to help them establish permanent, long term stability.
  • Transitional Housing is a more mid term solution for clients. It is a key step from Macon housing authority for the individual to reach permanent housing.

Both of the above are combined with case management from Macon housing authority. Staff will address long-term employment, credit repair, assistance developing critical life skills and help people achieve personal/family strength. This is done through case management and visits to the home if needed.

Families in the housing will work on goals over their stay. In particular, the transitional housing sites all offer guests a significant level of independence. This gives them the ability and time to work towards housing stabilization. Some of the workshops arranged by Macon housing authority that they can enroll into include pre-GED lab and computer classes. There are classes on rebuilding credit or creating a resume, among other things.




The disabled as well as mentally ill in Bibb County can enroll into Permanent Supportive Housing. The housing authority of Macon provides low income housing coupled with supportive services. This service, which is also known as SHP, is for people with mental or physical disabilities. The tenant will be given affordable monthly rents based on their income. They can also benefit from case management. There will also be the opportunity to obtain medical care or any other needed treatment services to address diagnose/disability.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is arranged by Macon Georgia housing authority. This is a form of rental  assistance, in the form of subsidies, to income eligible families. It allows families or individuals the freedom to select their own housing, as long as the housing meets the Housing Quality Standards. It also provide assistance in the form of FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency) to tenants.

Housing authority of Macon has referrals to government grants for rental assistance. The organization has information on landlords that offer affordable housing, and the agency will also direct tenants to resources such as emergency solution grants or rapid rehousing. If someone is homeless in Bibb County, then there may be funding for both security deposits as well as first months rent. Another key service, but that often has a waiting list, is section 8. Client advocacy is arranged by staff to help people when applying for rent and security deposit funds.

Homeowners or those low income families looking to buy can get help too. There are classes to provide information on the home buying process or even where to get financial aid from. That can sometimes help with down payment costs. The main solutions in Bibb County Georgia are as follows.

Financial Empowerment is for potential buyers. It will offer tips and information so they can maximize their resources and build wealth. The client will be given a plan for this, and they will be able to follow steps towards meet objectives and plans in pace.

The empowerment process deals with topics such as building or repairing credit, paying down debts, and other keys to building stability. They will give people a baseline of financial wellness, which can lead to buying a home. Other topics tacked can include life skills development, Literacy and educational assistance, GED preparation, and more.




Foreclosure Counseling is for homeowners that are struggling with paying their mortgage. Staff from Macon housing authority can help facilitate communication between the loss mitigation department of the mortgage company and the homeowner. The goal is to enter into a realistic plan for the defaulted homeowner to remedy arrears. The most common solution will be some type of loan modification.

The main office is at 1793 Wren Avenue, Macon. For more details, the phone number is 478-752-5000.


By Jon McNamara

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