Lyons County Family Resource Center public aid.

Services ranging from job placement to cash assistance for basic needs are available in Lyons County. Social workers from Family Resource Center partner with the disadvantaged in an effort to help them make it through a current hardship and also end the cycle of poverty, and these goals are met by the public benefits noted below.

When applying for aid, note that all resources are very limited, and many programs have waiting lists in place. The Center will offer referrals to these intake sites as well. There are no guarantees to receiving assistance from the Lyons County resources or the state of Nevada, and in fact most applications for public benefits are denied. In general, clients need to be out of all other options before seeking help from a government program.

The Family Resource center also partners with other organizations, such as the Food Bank of Northern Nevada (FBNN). They also hold parent classes, refer families to budgeting, and offer ongoing support.

Temporary financial assistance is available to low income families as part of TANF. A combination of federal government and state of Nevada funds are used in an effort to help families facing poverty gain stability. In fact, the goal of TANF is really to get the participant off of welfare in the mid to long term.

Money will be paid out to assist with basic needs, and that ranges from medical bills to food or rent. This particular public aid program was created to help residents with a very low income or that are unemployed with paying their bills over the short term. Clients range from the elderly to single parents in Lyons County. It will assist them with either maintaining or obtaining employment.

The social service offices will often have referrals to many other resources in the community, ranging from churches to non-profit charity groups. In fact, a combination of private funds (mostly from donations) are combined with other benefits in an effort to help the low income household in addressing the crisis they are facing. Some examples of what may be available from the Family Resource Center include support services from the Salvation Army, and the county also partners closely with community action agencies in the region to coordinate resources.

Children in Lyons County are always a focus of any government benefit. The Family Resource Center can provide information on development programs such as Head Start, or help parents enroll into WIC, also known as the the women’s, infant, and child nutrition program. Together, these offer free food, nutritional and education support, and various forms of assistance to help the child get on the correct path to long term stability.




Health insurance is provided by Medicaid. This is the counties and nation’s primary service to ensure that basic medical and dental care needs of the low income are met. Based on many factors, such as income, Medicaid provides low income or uninsured families the ability to receive free or low cost care.

The Family Resource Center can refer the resident to an application site in Lyons County. The nation’s primary public medical service will offer them medications, doctor visits, immunizations, cancer screenings, and much more.

There are some restrictions in place, including only certain doctors and hospitals participate in Medicaid. There are also restrictions on what, if any dental needs, are covered by this. However staff from Family Resource Center can provide more information, and clients can also review program terms online.

There are several other benefits and public aid programs available in the county.

  • Homeless prevention and rehousing, and more information is noted below.
  • Free food and/or discounted groceries are offered by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP.
  • Subsidies for childcare costs are available from Family Resource Center related intake sites.
  • Utility bill help, ranging from discounts on Lifeline to LIHEAP heating bill assistance can combine either cash grants or discounts to households.
  • Cash assistance may be distributed to the disabled from SSI.

The Contiuum of Care in Lyons County is a partnership of local charities, non-profits, and groups that work with social services to prevent and reverse homelessness. There is government aid for tenants with an imminent eviction notice, and also support for people that are currently homeless or living in a shelter.

Those who are seeking help in either leaving transitional housing or moving into a more affordable home can look into a number of programs available for helping with security deposits, and the social workers from Family Resource Center may have suggestions for those too. They range from NRHA Security Deposit Assistance program to others. Many public resources are dedicated to addressing housing needs.




A key goal of any public assistance and government organization is always on preventing homelessness in the city and county of Lyons, so the department tries to coordinate resources across the area to do this. In addition to any financial aid, case management is always a key emphasis of this, and that ranges from job training to budgeting workshops.

For more details or outreach, the Family Resource Center is at (775) 577-5009. There are also intake sites in Dayton and Silver Springs Nevada.


By Jon McNamara

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