Lynchburg Community Action Group programs.

The primary services from the Lynchburg Community Action Group are noted below. The organization serves several towns and counties in Central Virginia. Assistance is for the income qualified in Appomattox, Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell County. Additional support is for the cities of Bedford and Lynchburg.

Some emergency short term financial aid may be available as a last resort for rent or mortgage payments. Utility disconnections are also a focus. However the Lyn-CAG agency is truly focused on helping clients overcome poverty and their hardships.

Financial aid from Lyn-CAG

The EACI  - Emergency Assistance Program provides very short term financial assistance to low-income individuals and families facing actual eviction from their homes.

As resources allow, it provides partial mortgage or rental assistance to prevent eviction and offers relocation support when necessary to residents such as Amherst and Campbell County. The EACI program also offers financial assistance to prevent loss of utility service by offering once a year voucher payments. The compensation is made directly tp providers of essential utility and fuel services such as water bills, electricity, natural gas, wood and oil.

A new EACI initiative entitled the Meds Project, offers clients vouchers that allow them to procure much needed prescription medications and other medical supplies. This program help clients prevent, stabilize or manage such ailments as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer management and many other diseases and illnesses.

The EACI program also helps distribute basic food items, clothes and everyday household supplies to low-income individuals and families. The Lynchburg Community Action Group also works closely with churches and other charities in Appomattox, Bedford, and Appomattox County on the program.

The Lyn-CAG Housing Counseling Services Department offers an array of services in the community that aim to stop homelessness. The non-profit works to expand homeownership opportunities, assist clients who are facing homelessness / evictions and provide easier access to affordable housing. Lyn-CAG maximize resources for the following programs, such as Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling, Rent help from Homeless Intervention Program (HIP), and general counseling.




Current homeowners can benefit from the Lyn-CAG Home Improvement Program. It is run in partnership with the United Way and the HOME program, provides home improvement assistance for low-income homeowners. It is often done in the form of a low interest loan for people who reside in the city of Lynchburg Virginia.

Free Weatherization provides energy conservation measures. Some examples of the assistance is HVAC replacement and repairs, insulation and other health and safety measures to low-income homeowners in the cities of Bedford and Lynchburg as well as Campbell County.

Additional repairs may be offered from Indoor Plumbing/Rehabilitation. The so called IPR program provides substantial rehabilitation and indoor plumbing to homes of low-income and senior homeowners. It is for those who are without indoor plumbing or are in need of upgrading. The IPR program serves homeowners who reside in Appomattox, Amherst, Bedford or Campbell counties.

The HOPWA program offered by Lyn-CAG provides confidential housing counseling to low-income individuals with HIV/AIDS. Housing Opportunities for Person with Aids coordinates assistance in securing, paying the rent on and otherwise maintaining permanent housing. This program provides emergency assistance with food, short-term rental, mortgage, utility bill payments, and transportation.

A shelter is part of the Hand-Up Lodge. This is presented as a unique local shelter that offers short and long term housing to anyone who needs it, irrespective of sex or age. It is a form of transitional housing.

The Lodge and its related Homeless Emergency Shelter provides a safe place for low-income individuals and families to stay, eat and sleep. The Lynchburg Community Action Group’s Commerce Street facility is the main entry point for these individuals and inquires. Lyn-CAG is a service-enriched non-profit agency, which offers a multitude of housing assistance programs and resources that provides many homeless individuals with assistance.

Many other charities and community agencies partner on the Hand-Up Lodge. The program utilizes the services to address lack of transportation, mental health issues, chronic unemployment, medical concerns, and housing affordability. Families seeking shelter receive additional support for their children including ongoing education, free healthcare, and funds for paying childcare.

Rides from Emergency Transportation Services provides low cost transportation services to TANF-eligible (Temporary assistance for Needy Families), WIC or other low-income clients. Services include help in paying for vehicle repairs, basic car maintenance education and referrals for other services.





Housing Choice Voucher Program from the Lyn-CAG Housing Department helps families find, clean, safe, sanitary and affordable housing in the surrounding counties. The agency’s service area includes the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Charlotte, and Prince Edward. The total family household adjusted monthly income will determine the out-of-pocket monthly rental expense a family will be required to pay.

Education, employment, and child care services

The Childcare Services Program provides financial assistance or vouchers to parents. It is for those from the region that require help in paying for day care/nursery services. Vouchers can also help those that are seeking before and After School care. Childcare providers used by the parent must be certified. Only parents who are TANF eligible and who are employed or enrolled in an educational or vocational program qualify for this program.

The state of Virginia funded Head Start offers preschool educational services to 3 to 4 year old children from working poor and moderate income families. Priority is given to the disabled and children with special needs. It works closely with the United Way, Amherst Schools, the Bedford District and local teachers. Over ten centers are in the larger central Virginia area. The Head Start Program offers the following services and initiatives:

  • Classes on Educational and Social Development such as music, art, and reading. All Head Start services are customized my town and needs of the children.
  • Dental, Free Medical and Mental Health Services from Head Start focuses on each child’s basic short-term and long-term health needs, including medical and dental care. The program arranges comprehensive health care for every child with the aim of identifying and addressing health problems as early as possible. This includes a complete medical examination. Doctors or nurses from the region will offer a free screening for chronic or disabling conditions, a dental checkup, a vision and hearing test, medications and immunizations.

Family Development, Parent Involvement and Nutritional Counseling - Staff and social workers from Head Start encourage parents to become involved in every aspect of teaching and Head Start. Customized plans are created to help each family meet their individual goals, such as employment. Parents are also strongly encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and for special activities.

Free Daily Snacks, Meals and Transportation - Lynchburg Community Action Group and Head Start also works to provide nourishing, well-balanced free meals and snacks to students. Transportation may be coordinated for more rural area or to people that lack a car.

The Virginia CARES program focuses on assisting prison inmates and newly released parolees in their transition back into society in an effort to prevent further criminal activity.

Staff assists clients with short and long term housing assistance; financial assistance for paying rent, utilities and medication. Other aid is for cost of bus ticket for relocation if necessary; counseling; single ride bus tickets with verification and distribution of clothes, shoes, and free food and toiletry items.

Job training and placement is available from Lyn-CAG. The main offering is their Employment Services Program, which also provides employment assistance by offering job leads, referrals to employers, assistance with resume writing, use of an onsite open computer lab and guidance on interview techniques.

Self-sufficiency from the Family Living Center (FLC) aims to assist low-income families in gaining stability. Another goal of the case managers from Lynchburg Community Action Group is on moving clients to permanent, affordable housing in central Virginia.

The FLC is a transitional housing facility for families facing eviction or homelessness as a result of substandard housing, financial crisis or other circumstances. The challenge needs to result in the loss of permanent housing. The Family Living Center provides short term shelter and supportive services, including furnishing utilities, for up to 18 months.

Additional services offered to residents include budgeting, financial and housing counseling as well as healthcare services, adult education, job skills training and job search skills training. Program and transportation services are provided by Lyn-CAG’s Emergency Transportation Services Program, per above. Johnson Health center offers medical bill assistance and job training is from the Adult Learning Center.




Using grants from the IRS, Lyn-CAG provides free Tax Preparation services for residents. It is for moderate income families and seniors who live in the cities of  Lynchburg and Bedford. VITA assistance is also available in the counties of Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford and Campbell.

The unemployed, disabled, underemployed or those persons who desire a career change may benefit from the Employment Services Program that is offered by Lynchburg Community Action Group, Inc (Lyn-CAG).  The resource offers a range of necessary services that can help make the job search process smoother and more focused. These services are provided free of cost.

Matched savings from Virginia Individual Development Account (VIDA) were designed to help low- to moderate- income families acquire the habit of regular savings so as to build their assets. These savings may be used to purchase a first-home, help pay for vocational education, assist with tuition for college or even start a small business.

Other support is offered too. Lynchburg Community Action Group Locations are as follows.

926 Commerce Street, Lynchburg, Virginia 24504, call (434) 846-2778
915 Main Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504, phone no: (434) 455-1601
Bedford County, 403 Otey Street, Suite B-6, Bedford, VA 24523, call (540)587-8990
Appomattox County, including the counties of Prince Edward and Charlotte, Warren Warwick, 301 Morton Lane Appomattox, Virginia 24522, (434) 352-0656
Amherst County, 100 Goodwin Street, Amherst, VA 24521, call (434) 946-9352

By Jon McNamara

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