Lubbock Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities works with numerous non-profits such as the United Way in Lubbock in an effort to provide assistance to the needy and low income. Thousands of families from the area receive help from the charity organization every year. Many of those who are supported are senior citizens, families with young children and individuals who are faced with extreme hardship.

A number of services are provided by the organization to qualified individuals, as funding allows. Examples of the financial assistance is below. Proof of income and a hardship is required in order to apply for help. You will need to set up an appointment as well. To explore these emergency assistance programs call 806-765-8475.

  • Help with prescription medications, food, rent, and utilities.
  • Partner with a social worker in Lubbock Texas and receive free counseling and referral for long-term solutions.
  • Medication is provided from a client reimbursement program.
  • Low income elderly can receive free prescriptions, eye glasses, dentures, transportation, and even  hearing aids.
  • Catholic Charities will try to provide free prescription drug assistance for uninsured and low-income families in Lubbock.

Overall the Catholic Charity Emergency Assistance Program may be able to help low-income and working poor individuals and families. Applicants can receive free food, rent help, life saving prescription medications, eye exams, and even basic dental care and cleanings. The locations of the centers are 102 Avenue J (call (806) 765-8475 as well as 2218 34th St. in Lubbock. Dial (806) 763-8315

A Food and Hygiene Pantry is also part of the Catholic Charity emergency program. This can make it more convenient for residents to take care of their needs at one designated destination. Donations are always needed. In addition, the EA program also relies heavily on volunteers to conduct intake for clothing, food, rent, and prescription. Volunteers are also needed to work in the food pantry handing out the groceries and in organizing the donations.





The Elderly Outreach Program is a Catholic Charity/United Way resource. Seniors in Lubbock Texas can receive some basic dental, health, and vision care. Tests and screenings may be offered.

The TTIPS Program is for children, teenagers, Youth and Families. The agency will work with schools and teachers in an effort to provide support to students and their families. The program will focus on those who are at risk for failing or dropping out. It is often combined with STAR/Youth and Family Services. This offers Skills Building counseling to youth and their families.

The Parent Empowerment Program, also known as Self Sufficiency Program, will help single parents in obtaining job training and an education. The goal is to eventually get them into a full time position that provides them enough income to pay for their bills and their basic needs. Catholic Charities will offer this through the payment of their tuition and emergency needs. The program will help with expenses while the participant is a full time college student. What can be paid for includes tuition, rent, utilities, books, mileage reimbursement, and uniforms. It is only for Lubbock County residents who have a child at home.

A clothing closet is available. This is often referred to as a resale center in the region. It relies on donations from people in the community. The Catholic Charity Resale Center offers gently used home furnishings and clothing to people in the community. For those who are low income and meet eligibility conditions, the Catholic Charities Lubbock Emergency Assistance Program supplies individuals and families with gift cards so they can acquire free furniture and clothing. Customers are also allowed to shop with dignity and can select only those clothes and goods that they need.




Nutrition and Wellness programs are available. Low income families can learn how to obtain and make good nutrition choices in their shopping and cooking. Free food may be offered as well as participants will have the opportunity to earn free grocery gift cards and vouchers while learning how to cook healthy meals, shop, and care for others.


By Jon McNamara

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