Chase Louisville Kentucky homeowner center.

Borrowers in Louisville Kentucky can get help from a Chase homeownership center. Homeowners ow have the ability to meet face to face with a housing counselor to discuss a variety of ways to get help with their mortgage, and access to tools and free foreclosure counseling.

The new Chase center is located at at 416 W. Jefferson St. in Louisville. It is the first center that has been opened in Kentucky, and can serve people across the region. The location will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Homeowners who have loans with either Chase or its affiliate EMC Mortgage may access the free counseling and services from the center. Chase offers homeowners a number of assistance programs and resources to help them get back on track with their home loans. However the main advantage of homeownership centers is that they allow borrowers the ability to sit down with a well trained counselor and discuss their financial and housing situation face-to-face with trained loan advisors.

Services at Louisville Kentucky Chase center

First and foremost the center employs a number of highly trained housing advisors and counselors. Located on site is a team of homeownership advisors, all of who are willing and able to assist those customers whose financial circumstances have changed and who are no longer able to make their scheduled monthly payment. If you want to avoid a foreclosure on your home and stay in your home, contact a center for assistance. The trained mortgage and housing advisors will help local residents evaluate their finances, review possible loan  workout options and answer any questions that the homeowner may have.




The demand for their services are great. To help reduce wait times, customers who stop by the centers are encouraged to set up an appointment with a counselor in advance. They need to come prepared, and that includes bringing all relevant documentation, including tax forms as well as W-2s and also be sure to bring bank statements as well as recent pay stubs and monthly expense documentation. Also, be sure to bring any other information that you may think is relevant, such as a hardship letter, that will help explain their current financial challenges.


In addition to the services provided at the center, JP Morgan Chase offers customers in the Louisville Kentucky are a large number of other financial and housing assistance programs. They fully support all federal government mortgage assistance programs, such as HAMP, loan modifications, and fully support the national non-profit HUD housing concept and agencies.

If you are a homeowner in this region of Kentucky, and if you have a Chase or EMC mortgage, call (502) 566-2006 to make an appointment at the Chase Louisville Kentucky homeownership center.





By Jon McNamara

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