Loudoun Interfaith Relief assistance programs.

In an emergency, Loudoun Interfaith Relief may be able to provide support and supplies. The non-profit organization can pass out enough food for up to 3 days for those that qualify, and it will be a few meals for those days. Additional details on the assistance available from the pantry are below.

When an individual visits the pantry, staff will work with them to complete a so called Wish List. This will identify your dietary needs, any nonfood items you may need, size of your family, and more information. This list will help staff from Loudoun Interfaith Relief target exactly what the client needs.

As part of the intake process, you will also be able to determine if you qualify to receive assistance from any USDA programs, such as SNAP food stamps or government commodities. If you qualify for public aid, then staff will prepare your order to include this USDA food or help you complete any applications.

Please keep in mind that someone can use the center only up to two times a month. Enough food and groceries are passed out for up to 3 meals. This can include breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days. Spanish speaking staff are available to assist clients if and when needed. Also, the non-profit and its staff or volunteers will pack the food for you. Usually bakery items are available and can be picked up in the lobby area.

Social workers and staff from the agency can provide clients with information regarding other area programs, including those operated by local non-profits or charities. If your situation is more extreme or urgent, then please let a staff member know as they have programs to help if you need more assistance.

There are conditions that need to be met. Applicants need proof of Loudoun County residency to become a client at LIR. A picture ID is required or some form of utility bills or lease. Applications are also required by Loudoun Interfaith Relief.




Many of the clients of the pantry are typically hard-working families that are facing a crisis or that do not have enough resources to provide food or groceries for themselves and their families. Too many people from the region are forced to make choices between buying food, paying the rent or acquiring other everyday necessities. The escalating costs of health care, housing, food, transportation, and utilities are squeezing more local households. When funds are low, the rent, doctor, gas bills, and utility companies often get paid first and then what’s left is what people spend on their meals. Loudoun Interfaith Relief works to help people put food and groceries on the table.

Those who also depend on the site are also seniors, families with young children, and the unemployed. Many, in particular children, are especially vulnerable to effects of hunger and are innocent victims of circumstances beyond their control. Way too many children and students go to bed without dinner or a proper meal and are relying on the free or low cost meals they receive at school to sustain them.

Senior citizens and the elderly often rely on Loudoun Interfaith Relief  for assistance. They will often live on a fixed income or pension. Expenses, such as medical bills and healthcare costs, often place a serious burden on the elderly and older adults. Expensive, but necessary prescription medications and other uncovered medical costs all too often force the elderly to choose between buying food or paying for health care.

The homeless from the county may also stop by for food or a hot meal. They can often receive referrals to other support services as well, such as shelters or transitional housing units. The homeless may be individuals who are losing their primary nighttime residence, those attempting to flee domestic violence, who are behind on their rent and facing imminent eviction, and others. Loudoun Interfaith Relief can support homeless in the community and provide them with emergency food.

The pantry can help the less fortunate and working poor. By receiving free or low cost food from Loudoun Interfaith Relief, many are able to stretch their limited incomes a little further. This frees up their money to pay for other needs such as rent, shelter, utilities and health care.

Loudoun Interfaith Relief is based at 750 Miller Drive, Suite A-1, Leesburg, Virginia 20175. Call (703) 777-5911 for more information on their food programs or to apply.



By Jon McNamara

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