Los Angeles Urban League assistance programs.

The main programs from the Los Angeles Urban League are focused on housing and employment. The non-profit strives to ensure that people of all races and ages have access to quality, affordable homes and apartments. Staff can also help people find a job, gain new skills, and really work to ensure self-sufficiency.

As an example of their housing services, the agency oversees an initiative for residents of Park Mesa Heights California. As part of this program, they will carefully track housing conditions in the 70-block radius of the neighborhood to ensure a stable resident base and that individuals do not go homeless. They work to prevent evictions as well as homelessness in the community, and want to ensure there is safe and stable housing for families to live in.

Mortgage counseling and foreclosure assistance is provided by the Urban League through a partnership with Operation Hope. The Los Angeles based organization helps homeowners avoid foreclosure and works to make homeownership and rental costs affordable for more residents.

These services for people from the community, as well as other strategic partnerships, also enable the Urban League to provide home-buying education, credit counseling, help the area improve access to capital, and have a goal of converting renters into homeowners. For those families that are behind on their mortgage, case managers will offer mediation and can direct families to resources, such as loan modifications and local HUD agencies.

Additional, specific programs available via the housing initiative include foreclosure reduction education, information on rental assistance programs such as the Emergency Solutions Grant, and financial literacy training and education. They can also be a source of information on no interest loans that can be used for a variety of bills or housing costs. So a wide array of solutions are available in Southern California.

Another service is for prospective renters. They can learn how to be good tenants, learn about their legal rights, and gain other information from specialists. People can learn to avoid evictions by participating in Los Angeles Urban League’s rental readiness program. This addresses the potential problems that may arise from leasing an apartment or house. If and when needed, the non-profit offers budgeting and free credit counseling assistance to tenants.




Individuals seeking employment can make use of the skill-development activities and job-related services that is also offered at Los Angeles Urban League Business and Career WorkSource Centers. Support is also provided for residents that are just looking for a new, higher paying job. The agency is a partner of WorkSource California, a network of experts that leverages funding and resources across Los Angeles County.

Both job seekers and businesses can tap WorkSource California for free employment and job training services. The centers, meanwhile, are community resources that provide assistance with searches and career guidance, and clients can enhance their work skills through relevant education and workshops that are held at these centers. Specialists are available at the sites to meet with clients.

In addition, the various WorkSource Centers in Southern California also offer labor market information, access to free computers and current employment listings to the unemployed. Counselors will also assist part time workers as well that are seeking a full time role. The urban league has formed a multileveled discipline dubbed workforce and economic development process to improve the employment opportunities within the communities the agency serves.

The Los Angeles Urban League Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center is another option for residents. The agency offers specialized resources and information to entrepreneurs as well as small business owners. The topics addressed include business assessment and planning, information on low interest loans for financing, technical assistance, and human resource referrals and training.





VITA is for individuals with low-to-moderate income in Los Angeles County. They can receive free help with income tax return preparation through the program. This is for low income households and people that cannot ready their federal and state of California tax returns on their own. The Urban League has partnered with local non-profits such as the Los Angeles Asset Building Coalition and the local guild to offer this solution.

The Los Angeles Urban League also administers an initiative to improve the overall health of Park Mesa Heights residents as well. This medical service emphasizes youth, family and health advocacy, food, medical checkups. A call-to-action plan keeps the community committed to the initiative through health assessments and programs designed to enhance well-being. The Urban league aims to help community residents achieve optimal health.

Many other services are available from the agency and its partners. For more information regarding any of the aforementioned programs, contact Los Angeles Urban League at one of their many offices in southern California. They provide support to Long Beach, the downtown area, and really across the county.

  • 12700 South Avalon Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90061, call (323) 600-1106.
  • 3450 Mount Vernon Drive, Los Angeles, California 90008, phone (323) 299-9660.
  • 5681 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90016. For information call (323) 525-3740.
  • The urban league has an additional office located at 264 East Monterey Avenue, Pomona, California 91766. This office phone number is (909) 623-9741.



By Jon McNamara

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