Long Island Power Authority assistance programs.

Long Island Power Authority provides its customer with a number of low income and emergency financial assistance programs. Services can also help income qualified customers and households conserve energy and therefore reduce the amount of their monthly utility bills. If you need help with paying a utility bill or making payments, explore one or more of the programs and plans below.

Receive a discounted rate on your monthly utility bills from the Household Assistance Rate program. This service provides a reduction in the Delivery & System Charges portion of a customer’s Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) bill. There are conditions and qualifications that need to be met, and they include the following.

People may be able to get a reduced rate if they receive benefits or public assistance from at least one of the following federal or state programs. The various programs in which an individual can automatically qualify for the Household Assistance Rate include the following. If someone receives Medicaid; Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Public Assistance; Veteran’s Surviving Spouse Pension; Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP); Food stamps; Veteran’s Disability Pension or Child Health Plus, then they may qualify.

Project Warmth is supported by LIPA. It is an emergency assistance program that is offered to help individuals and families with paying for energy emergencies, heating costs and utility bills. Priority is given to people who are faced with a crisis situation and are faced with a shut off of their power. Financial assistance offered to Long Island Power Authority can include one or more of the following.

  • Apply for a cash grant for heating bills. This may be used to pay for any fuel source that a customer has, including natural gas, heating oil, propane, electric, etc.
  • One-time crisis grant for paying for fuel, plus an additional amount for related electricity bills.
  • Funding is limited, and applications are usually accepted from November or December and going forward. Some of the qualifications that need to be met are listed below.
  • Resident of Suffolk or Nassau County or the Rockaways can apply.
  • Project Warmth is a program of last resort, and is offered for Long Island Power Authority customers. They will need to apply for HEAP and/or other government benefits before applying for Project Warmth.





  • Another condition is customers can’t have filled up their oil tank during the previous year.
  • Residents must have and be able to prove a financial hardship and provide an acceptable explanation for the arrears of their utility bills.

Another resource is the federal government funded Home Energy Assistance (HEAP) program for low income customers. This federal government funded financial assistance program can help Long Island Power Authority income-eligible households, such as seniors, the low income, and disabled, pay their energy bills. It is a grant program and not a loan! So qualified customers do not need to repay any financial assistance received through this program. The energy conserving Weatherization program is often also entered in combination with this.

There are both emergency as well as regular HEAP Grants. Emergency assistance is offered if someone has their service disconnected, less than seven days’ supply of fuel (oil), or if they have received a shut off notice.
Regular HEAP cash grants can be provided to low income customers whose heating or cooling bills are paid on a monthly basis, and if the customer needs help. Low income qualified households who do not live in government subsidized housing and who meet income criteria may be qualified for these benefits.

Save money on your utility bills from the Long Island Power Authority Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP). A free home survey can be offered as part of REAP to income qualified customers. Another benefit is that participation in the REAP program can help make your home or apartment healthier and safer to live in. In addition participants are guided and provided advice on other non-LIPA services that can help them with any special needs.

A number of services are included as part of the free REAP home survey. During the visit a technician may install energy-saving measures in your home, such as CFL bulbs, caulking, weather stripping, and more. Often offered at the same time will be the main federal government conservation program, which is known as weatherization. This can also help Long Island Power customers save money on their utilities.




Advice and negotiations - Consumer Advocates from Long Island Power Authority provide information on assistance programs and general guidance to low income customers that reside in their service territory. They can direct people and help residents apply for social services, energy conservation services and various energy programs.

The bottom line is that help is available from Long Island Power Authority for paying bills. Dial 1-800-266-1923 to speak to a representative.

By Jon McNamara

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