Livingston, Washington Parish Catholic Charities assistance programs.

A regional Catholic charities church – charity organization is available for residents of the parishes including St. Helena, Livingston, East Feliciana, and Washington Parish. In an effort to help struggling families in the area, the charity organization known as Catholic Charities provides clients with several forms of assistance. They offer food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and general advice as well as support.

The funding for their operations comes from a wide variety of places. There are annual grant allotments from the United Way, and those could come in the early part of the year. Volunteers of Catholic Charities in Washington Parish area and local churches also hold fund raisers, and they raise money for the various financial as well as other resources that are offered.

Any low income family can contact Catholic Charities of St. Helena, Livingston, East Feliciana, and Washington Parish for assistance. Or if there is someone who is facing a crisis, such as their house is out of food or they are about to be evicted, then the charity may be able to assist there as well.

Food and basic needs from Catholic Charities

Food banks from Catholic Charities are located at many churches. Volunteers from the non-profit work to feed the hungry, poor, and less fortunate. They do this by giving out groceries as well as serving hot meals from a kitchen on site. The pantry is stocked by volunteers as well as donations from the community, and there may be canned goods as well as perishable food items.

It operates in an emergency, and the center can feed a family for up to 5 days when fully operational. Clients should bring their own grocery bags when shopping there. Or they can bring a box to pack their food into. Everything from pasta to dairy, meats, fruits, milk, and more may be served.

The Clothing Center from Catholic Charities in Livingston and nearby parishes furnishes gently used clothing and linens at no charge. There may be household supplies available too. The site will assist hundreds of clients per month. In addition, the Clothing Center offers clothing for sale from the thrift store, and these are sold at affordable prices in order to help our customers stretch their limited dollars.





Financial help and other assistance programs

Any support, whether financial assistance or case management, is used to meet the needs of clients. Whether they are individuals or families, the staff from Catholic Charities affiliated churches in Washington and Livingston Parish offer help in locating proper medical care, employment, food, and shelter.

Everything given out by the agency is intended to help the family to become more proactive in meeting their essential needs on their own. So the support is a hand up and not a hand-out, with a focus on helping people that have a financial crisis but have otherwise shown a history of passed stability.

Some examples of the assistance in the region include a homeless shelter and food pantry, emergency rent and/or energy bill assistance, and low cost housing for low-income in St. Helena, Livingston and nearby parishes as well as the elderly. There is also of course strong cooperation with other local community organizations, including churches, charities, cash assistance FTAP  in Louisiana, and the Department of Social Services of Louisiana.

Self-sufficiency services

Catholic Charities Employment Assistance is for anyone that is either looking for a job, or a new opportunity, can avail themselves of this services. There is help for the unemployed and individuals seeking a higher paying job. The entire job seeking process is covered by the Livingston and Washington Parish programs.

  • -First, a career as well as skills assessment takes place.
  • -Second, there is the creation or improvement of a resume as well as online profiles for LinkedIn and other boards.
  • -Third, clients of Catholic Charities can get help in locating and applying to local regional jobs.
    -Once an interview has been set up, get tips on what to do, apply for free clothes or gas vouchers, and even hygiene goods if needed!




Case managers not only help the client, but they give emotional support. It can be challenging (and stressful) at this time of a person's life, so support is given throughout the process.

This is a regional charity organization. Appoints will always be needed. Call 225-336-8700.


By Jon McNamara

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