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Assistance programs in Lincoln County North Carolina

Low income families in Lincoln County can get emergency financial help. Find churches, charities, government agencies or non-profits that offer help with rent or security deposits, grants to pay electric or utility bills, free food from pantries, gasoline vouchers, and even medical or dental care from clinics. Find where, and how, to apply for grants, financial assistance or loans to pay bills as well as free stuff.

There are churches, charities, and non-profits in Lincoln County that help the less fortunate. The organizations may offer financial assistance in Lincolnton and the county. There are grants, loans, or free items, such as food or clothes. The assistance, whether financial or something else, can help struggling residents. Find grant money for with rent, utility bills, medications, gasoline costs, and other needs.

Emergency financial assistance for bills and basic needs in Lincolnton NC area

The federal government will (in most years) provide Lincoln County with tens of thousands of dollars in government grant money each year. These are part of the ESG grants program. The funds will be provided to pay for emergency rent, electric bills, mortgage payments and food programs in the area.

The county was selected by a National Board that is chaired by the Federal Government Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The board is made up of representatives from The Salvation Army; Catholic Charities, USA; American Red Cross; United Jewish Communities; United Way of America; and National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.  The United way announced that Lincoln County has been chosen to receive the emergency food and shelter programs in the county. Their will be local agencies distributing the grants to people in need.

The Gaston and Lincolnton Community Action, which also serves Lincoln County, is a leading non-profit to contact for grant money. The agency has distributed the Emergency Rent, Food and Shelter assistance funds previously. This local non-profit agency is often distributing tens of thousands of dollars (county-wide) to qualfified residents. The funds can be used for paying rent, mortgage, food costs, and utility bill assistance. Funding comes and goes though and is first-come served.

The non-profit may be the leading agency for people to contact when they are struggling. The resources from GCA are very limited, but in some cases they will have direct financial assistance or at the least offer referrals. In other cases, a client may be issued a loan for their expenses. Some of the examples of what may be provided are below.




  • Energy programs - This ranges from weatherization to furnace repair or replacement. Or inquire into applications for low income utility bill assistance, or LIHEAP.
  • Assistance for seniors in Lincoln County - Home delivered meals, information on Medicare, and other resources focused just on the specific needs of senior citizens.
  • Housing programs - The community action agency will have referrals to low income housing or emergency grants programs to pay back rent or a security deposit.
  • Advice and case management - The service is known as Family Achievement. Families from Lincolnton can receive information on job placement, credit counseling, and self-sufficiency.
  • Hunger and nutritional resources - Learn about free food pantries, soup kitchens, and maybe even places that offer holiday meals or assistance.
  • Free basic needs - The Lincoln County area community action agency also free stuff, whether for a home or personal use. There may be hygiene supplies, grants, AC units and more (often from referrals). Find free stuff near you offered today.

The agency can be reached at (704) 861-2283. Many other services are also available. Click here for details on community action programs in Gaston area.

I-Care is another regional community action agency, and they administer the services below. However, other support can be provided as well across Lincoln County. Most of it is in the form of referrals, such as to financial aid from LIHEAP, or they have information on government resources, including Head Start and SNAP food stamps. The goal is to help families overcome poverty and any hardships they are faced with, and address barriers to education or employment. Continue with I-Care assistance programs.

The Weatherization Assistance Program, which is offered by I-Care, Inc. was created to help low to moderate income citizens and families in Lincoln County save energy and reduce expenses on their utility bills through the installation of energy conservation materials. The program is free to low income homeowners. The program will provide for the installation of energy efficient measures in peoples homes, and also provide energy education. Click here to find additional ways to save on or get help paying electric bills.

Heating Appliance Repair and Replacement Program is another option in Lincoln County. Another resource offered by I-Care for people to turn to is HARRP. This is a Heating Appliance Repair and Replacement Program that works in concert with the Weatherization Assistance Program referenced above to both repair and/or replace inefficient heating and air systems in the homes of low and moderate income families, especially the elderly, families with children, and individuals with disabilities.

You can reach the Lincolnton Office of ICARE, Inc. at (704) 735-8035 or (704) 872-8141.





Additional emergency help in Lincoln County

Housing programs - When facing eviction, or homelessness in Lincoln County, there are emergency rent assistance programs, loans, funds for deposits, and even shelters. A number of groups (charities and government backed organizations) address housing needs. More on rent assistance in Lincoln County.

Qualified low income families, seniors, the jobless or disabled have other options available to them. There are food banks, pantries as well as soup kitchens that offer groceries and referrals. Many of the case managers at the locations can also direct the applicant to financial aid programs. Not only that, but the centers may also help clients apply for public aid, access housing, and more. Read more on Lincoln County free food pantries.

By Jon McNamara











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