Lee County Florida homeless prevention programs.

Eviction help is available to low income families in Lee County Florida that rent their home in. The assistance comes in many forms, some of which is financial and other types of support which address legal issues that may be related to a pay or quit notice. If homelessness can't be stopped, then rehousing may be used to rehouse a recently evicted tenant.

The federal government allocates money each year to the community, and specifically the Continuum of Care affiliated agencies. Some of the non-profits that participate in this service and that offer a version of homeless prevention assistance include Community Cooperative, Children's Home Society of Florida, and the Department of Human Services in Lee County. Others may also participate.

Case managers at each organization will determine what type (if any) eviction help they provide. They will also have some flexibility in deciding who is assisted. There may be grants limited to veterans, the large number of lower income senior citizens in the area, or single adults or two parent households with children.

Some eviction assistance is limited by geography as well. They also tend to focus only on residents of certain communities, and a number profit may limit their applications to people from Cape Coral or Bonita Springs. It is always recommend to call in advance for more information and to make an appointment.

Emergency Solution Grants are used to pay for housing costs. HUD will require all the funds for eviction or rehousing services. What may be provided includes the following:

  • Emergency money for paying rent arrears if it would postpone or prevent the eviction from occurring.
  • Legal counseling and landlord/tenant mediation sessions can be held and paid for using ESG.
  • Rehousing costs, including to move the family, pay their security deposit, and lease application fees.
  • Unpaid utilities may be paid, such as electric or water bills, if it keeps the family housed.
  • ESG can allow for the provision of motel or free hotel vouchers in a crisis.

Different Fort Myers agencies may also offer other resources to residents with an eviction notice. As an example, Children's Home Society will focus on homeless youth, women or kids fleeing violence, or single moms. They will not only help them apply for a grant, but provide vouchers for temporary accommodations as well in a shelter or local motel.





Another provider of eviction prevention and rehousing is the Veterans Foundation in Cape Coral Florida (phone (239) 541-8704). As the name applies, this non-profit focuses on members of the military, and specifically veterans. With many former soldiers still struggling to find a job with life-sustaining wages, it can be difficult for them to pay their rent. The homeless rate of veterans is still too high, so the Foundation will provide information on housing programs, health care, food, and other benefits.

Prevention programs are also arranged by the Lee County Homeless Coalition. The organization advocates on behalf of the poor and homeless, as well as individuals facing an eviction. Partners have been created with the United Way to ensure that save and affordable housing is available across the community for everyone from immigrants to the disabled.

Lee County stabilization services are part of homeless prevention. This in fact is most critical to stopping evictions over both the short and long term. If an individual or family is self-sufficient, they are much more likely to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Continuum of Care as well as Lee County Homeless Coalition will organize sessions for people to attend. There will be teachers, credit counselors, and specialists from local housing authorities that meet with clients. The sessions will cover many topics, such as the following.

  • Tenants can learn how to budget. This can ensure all their needs are met around food, medical needs, rent, and more.
  • The homeless in Lee County can learn about saving the cash to pay a security deposit.
  • Families threatened with an eviction can attend a mediation session with their landlord and a counselor.
  • Stabilization services will review federal government and state benefits, including section 8 HUD vouchers and public housing units.




Housing in Lee County can be difficult to find. It can be a challenge for a working poor family to keep up with the rent and energy bill on their home, even if they can find an affordable apartment to live in. The number of programs available to help them stay housed and solve evictions is extensive. Whether it is a grant or free advice from an attorney, many groups take part in this homeless prevention and rehousing services. Dial (239) 433-3900 for referrals.


By Jon McNamara

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