Lawrence County Community Action Partnership emergency assistance programs.

The regional Lawrence County Community Action Partnership is a leading, poverty fighting organization. The non-profit receives government grants to provide financial help, including for rent, heating, and other bills. They also help with home repairs as part of His Hands and coordinate many other services. However the focus of the New Castle based LCCAP is on employment, education, and early learning, as those services will break the cycle of poverty.

The case managers at the non-profit community action agency offer many forms of support to clients. While everyone may not qualify for a grant from the non-profit for paying their bill or addressing housing needs, at the least LCCAP will try to offer a referral. The non-profit is a leading source of information on local charities, food pantries, and other resources in Lawrence County.

Emergency financial help from Lawrence County Community Action Partnership

Temporary Emergency Assistance is meant to address a crisis. There may be loans used (at a low interest are) or grants for bill to help stabilize a family. Whether it is a couple dollars to pay the balance of rent, a free grocery bag of food, or a medications, LCCAP will try to offer some support of support.

Lawrence County Community Action Partnership may offer some of the following to the household. There may be heating bill assistance for senior citizens (age 60 or older) or a household or single mom with a child under the age of 2. Free food is given out a couple times per year, and vouchers can help the client may for a small portion of any life-sustaining medicine they need, if there is a doctor's note. Other types of general financial help may be arranged too based on the applicant's needs.

Any assistance is focused on offering stability to people so they can get what they need, if they are in a financial crisis. There is also a case management component, which provides the clients with encouragement as well as hopeful options for overcoming poverty/their hardship. Staff and even volunteers from across New Castle that work with LCCAP motivate people to make the hard, but critical, changes in their lives that will hopefully allow them to support themselves in the future. All applicants will be required to meet with an interviewer to discuss their specific needs and solutions.





Everything from rent to water bill help and more ins provided. Some of the funding comes from Dollar Energy, but they also have relationships with Columbia Gas and other providers in the region. When funds are issued for paying expenses such as past due rent, the tenant will also be enrolled into ongoing case management. This will include both advice as well as support in addressing what caused the housing crisis.

Lawrence County Community Action Partnership administers the Pennsylvania Power and Light Winter Relief Assistance Program (WRAP). It helps families living in poverty lower their energy bills. The intent is for the participant to work in collaboration to reduce the home's electrical costs.

WRAP as well as weatherization services are provided at no cost to the customer, and include insulation of attics and basements, sealing leaks in the home, insulation of hot water pipes. Specific items that may be added to the home include compact fluorescent light bulbs or new appliances (such as refrigerators or freezers) to replace inefficient units.

Subsidized housing is also arranged. It is a combination of section 8 vouchers as well as permanent rental subsidies. The non-profit will ensure that HUD guidelines are met by applicants. This service is run in partnership with the local human services group known as Lawrence County MH/MR.

LIHEAP – The program year is annual from October 1 to September 30. Using funds from the US Department of energy, LIHEAP can provide help to low-income households, the disabled, and elderly for their home energy bills.

Regular Assistance takes about 90 days for the credit to be placed on the account or the payment to be made. The other resource is LIHEAP Crisis Energy, and this is for applicants with a proven, documented Uncontrollable Circumstance that is acceptable to Lawrence County Community Action Partnership. In these cases, assistance for paying utility bills can be provided in a little as 2 days.

The Lawrence County Community Action Partnership Housing Department is certified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a non-profit, effective counseling agency. They are also recognized as a City of New Castle as well as county Housing Delegate Agency.





The department’s programs and services provide various resources to clients. They arrange professional housing counseling for low to moderate-income residents. These programs offered by LCCAP include counseling on a number of housing-related topics, including avoiding predatory lending, mortgage default, and first-time homebuyer’s counseling.

The number of home foreclosures in the Lawrence County area is overwhelming. To help those impacted, the Foreclosure Counseling Program staff focuses on reducing this number by working as liaison between the homeowner and the bank. Or they offer this for non-traditional mortgage company’s as well, and they work with the lender's loss mitigation department. The of Lawrence County Community Action Partnership goal is to create a feasible plan for remedying mortgage arrears and stopping the foreclosure action by modifying the loan.

Educational, financial support and social services from LCCAP

VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program has preparers that answer questions and complete forms. Call the Community Action Agency Partnership in Lawrence County for more information in regard to VITA services or becoming a volunteer. When enrolled, the person will access either basic and advanced training modules to earn IRS certification to prepare and file taxes free of charge for eligible households earning no more than $50,000 per year.

It is important for low income households in Lawrence County. The service will ensure that clients receive all tax credits to which they are entitled, including the federal government Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC).

The federal government offers a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate preschool program for children from low-income families known as Head Start. The service provides educational activities in the areas of literacy, language, numeracy, math, science, and social development, with the goal of thoroughly preparing children to enter kindergarten.




LCCAP serves not only the child, but also the entire family, such as the parents. There are programs for guiding them toward becoming self-sufficient and leading self-determined lives by discovering their strengths, setting goals, and learning ways to capitalize on those strengths. Additionally, Head Start in Lawrence County provides each child with health care services that promote preventative health and early intervention, as well as support with finding and obtaining long-term medical or dental care.

There are almost 20 other programs run by the non-profit Lawrence County Community Action Partnership. The above list is just a sampling. The main address is 241 W Grant St, New Castle, Pennsylvania 16101, or call the office at (724) 658-7258.


By Jon McNamara

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