Salvation Army emergency assistance programs in Lake County Indiana.

Basic needs can be satisfied by the Lake County Indiana Salvation Army. Assistance is provided from what is known as Service Extension units or Corp centers. Emergency financial assistance and needs that can be met include, but are not limited to, rent or utility assistance, clothing, food, shelter/lodging, and more. Some additional community type programs offered by the Salvation Army include a League of Mercy nursing home visitation program, Christmas assistance, and Tools for Schools.

Many services are paid for by donations, and they also rely on a network of local volunteers. They are committed, believe in the mission, and work with full time staff to represent the Salvation Army in their town and communities in Indiana.

Several programs, social service and shelters are available for the homeless. Case workers can provide assistance such as job placement, psychological counseling, basic-needs, and medical assistance. This can include access to free services such as telephones and laundry/showers.

Transitional housing is offered from the Barton Center in Lake County. The location serves as a low-income apartment and housing for families and individuals who are in the midst of transitioning from homelessness to independence. The Salvation Army center, which provides supportive housing for individuals, single parents and families who also need a social service component, can help a limited number of people satisfy their housing needs.

Women, including those who are victims of domestic violence or single parents, can access programs across Lake County Indiana. The Salvation Army domestic abuse and homeless shelters feature resources such as child care and assistance, professional counseling, medical and health care assistance, job training and continuing education programs. Call 317-637-5551 for more information and details.

Most programs are offered at Corp centers that operate across the state. They provide people in the community activities such as learning, youth development and more general social service programs. Many centers also provide services for veterans, the elderly, including nursing home and shut-in visits, and operate special Christmastime services.





Financial assistance is limited in nature and by available funding, and mostly focuses on victims of disaster. Individuals can receive vouchers for families to purchase grocery, personal items and funds through social service programs to help them pay rent/or or secure temporary housing.

Homeless prevention, emergency aid, and case management services are offered when funding is available. Qualified residents can access short or long-term rental assistance, attend money management workshops, learn about tenant responsibilities and receive other case management. While only a small number of requests can be fulfilled, families and couples that meet the Lake County Salvation Army’s eligibility criteria are provided financial assistance and continued support. This is done in order to help people from being evicted, losing their housing and therefore needing shelter.

Disaster programs are extensive and wide ranging. Other emergency shelters can be set up and operate in the region at the time of a disaster. The short term housing units are often created and maintained in Salvation Army facilities or Corp centers when Indiana communities are affected by these large-scale disasters, such as a tornado or flood. The Salvation Army also works closely with other community service organizations and government agencies to establish these units for victims. Shelters will off free meal service, food, and much more for both victims and emergency responders. Mobile Feeding units, or canteens, are also set up when a disaster occurs. People, mostly volunteers, will serve cold drinks, hot meals that are prepared inside the canteens, and snacks to families in Lake County who were impacted.

Donations to the Salvation Army are always appreciated, as well as people volunteering their time. The Service Extension units in Indiana are all self-funded and rely on the community and their donations, which can be tax deductible. All funds are used to create and pay for services and assistance programs that can be used to help people in the local community. One way money is collected is through the Red Kettle campaign, which operates across Lake County Indiana during the Christmas holiday season. They also partner with local United Way agencies.

Main addresses of Salvation Army Centers are located per below.

1901 East 37th Avenue, Hobart, (219) 947-2877

8225 Columbia Avenue, Munster, (219) 838-0380

600 West 81st Avenue, Merrillville, (219) 736-6240

351 West 11th Avenue  Gary, IN 46402, (219) 882-9377



By Jon McNamara

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