Douglas Lake County Love Inc assistance programs and services.

Faith based organizations, volunteers, and churches in Douglas County Lakes area, and Alexandra combine their resources with Love Inc. in an effort to help the poor and less fortunate. The charity organization addresses basic needs, and may have referrals to more financial based resources. Any support provided is for a crisis only and is in the form of a hand up, and not a hand out. This means clients need to be on the path to self-sufficiency.

Some of what may be offered by Love includes meals, clothing for work or school, furniture, or transportation for work. There is also general counseling, including for financial matters. The applicant can't have caused the hardship and they need to be out of options before approaching Love Inc. in Lake County.

Car repairs or a ride may be provided by the Transportation Services. Relying heavily on volunteers drivers as well as mechanics, local churches may help low income families fix their car if it is needed for work reasons. Or rides may be offered to a job interview or doctor appointment.

Some local mechanics in Douglas County Lake area work with Love Inc. to perform basic repairs to make their transportation drive-worthy. This may be an option for income qualified clients desperate to get to work. The mechanics and garages in the region have a long history of supporting those that are less fortunate. What the organization has discovered is that having reliable transportation can lead to employment, which then can result in someone getting off of public assistance.

Household Good and Starter Kits are for people moving into a new apartment or home. Volunteers from Love Inc. will both organize and pack a number of supplies and household items into the free kits. They may have items such as glasses, new or gently used dishes, pots and pans, bath and kitchen towels as well as basic kitchen utensils.

Often combined with that is furniture. Too many people in Minnesota either lack a bed or adequate sleeping arrangement. Gently used items, such as beds or sleeper sofas, are donated by volunteers to those that need them. Other items passed out may include dressers, desks, kitchen tables, and sofas.

Credit and financial counseling is offered in partnership with other agencies. The charity will help people of all income levels learn basic skills in banking, budgeting, saving and in general advocating for themselves. Love works with non-profit credit counseling agencies in Douglas County on this.




Clothing, both new and/or gently used items, are provided by the Mobile Clothing Closet. Love Inc. brings items clothing to churches. Volunteers donate, collect, and pass out the clothes. The center will allow needy families to purchase quality clothes that their families need.

The Help Center provides referrals and information on resources available in Douglas Lake County, the state of Minnesota, and federal government benefits. Volunteers and staff from Love answer the phones and provide information to the general public and to those in need of help. It can range from food to information on rental or medical assistance. The center brings resources together to connect verified, low income and needy clients to the support services they need, with a focus on housing and food issues.

Home repairs for seniors or the disabled is part of Hope Builders. Members of the community can make basic repairs, do handyman work, or do partial home rehabilitation. While the supplies will not be paid for as part of the program, the volunteers from the church will take what the homeowner has available and do the work on their behalf.

For more information, or referrals to local resources, Love Inc of Douglas Lake County area is based in 44 Glenn Rd NW, Alexandria, MN 56308. Call 320.759.3022.




By Jon McNamara

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