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Katy Christian Ministry assistance programs.

Katy Christian Ministry relies on staff, volunteers, and donations from the community in an effort to help the low income and working poor. there is everything from low-cost housing to a thrift store, homeless shelters as well as short term financial help for bills, rent, or mortgages. The aid is administered from the Social Service Offices in the Harris County and Fort Bend region.

There are resources such as Doctors in Community Service, or vouchers for their resale store. There is also a priority on women, including survivors of domestic violence. The charity also focuses on the more vulnerable in the region, which can include homes or apartments with an elderly or disabled member.

All resources are very limited, but they do have a social services program. As funding allows, everything from free food to money for rent and bills may be provided in a crisis to qualified applicants, and if the churches that are part of Katy Christian Ministry can't help, then referrals will be offered.

Other support from the Christian Ministry

As part of the application process, an interview will be conducted with the individual to determine what, if anything, the ministry can do. Based on the results of that, Social services may have financial assistance available. This includes referrals to local pantries as well as emergency funds for rent or utility bills. In some cases, there can be vouchers to for gasoline for emergency travel, or maybe prescription medicines available.

Family self-sufficiency encourages clients to develop strategies around employment and education. It will help families obtain employment that will lead to economic independence and also long term self-sufficiency. Public housing agencies, or PHAs, work with welfare agencies, charities such as Katy Christian Ministry schools, businesses, and other local partners to develop a comprehensive program that gives participating individuals the skills and experience to enable them to obtain employment that pays a living wage.

Transportation may be arranged by volunteer drivers from the Ministry or their partners. The rides are available to drive seniors as well as the disabled to and from appointments in order of priority for legal, medical, nutritional or social purposes. Pre-screened volunteer drivers are able to drive seniors to out of county medical appointments when necessary and provide door to door services.

The thrift or Resale Store will sell gently used items to the public in Kay Texas, such as furniture or clothing. The money bought in from the sale of goods will provide services and additional financial support to the low income, such as someone facing a medical emergency or maybe an abused mother. The store is at 3506 Porter Road,, Katy, TX 77493, call 281-391-5261 or 281-391-0003.




Medical needs can be addressed by the Katy Ministry Doctors in Community, or DOCS service. With the number of underinsured people in Texas continuing to grow, many families need referrals to affordable clinics, or maybe they need low cost prescription medications. Another innovative service is the ministry loaning out medical equipment.

Home Delivered Meals provides well-balanced food items for the disabled as well as seniors who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. For those that qualify, they can be given hot, frozen, supper sack and liquid meals. These are available based on the dietary needs of each client.

For those that are found to be qualified, these low cost meals are delivered to seniors' homes and the drivers provide needed contact. So the elderly person will get a visit, and the person is able to monitor the health and welfare of the senior citizen on a routine basis.

Seasonal support from KCM includes free gifts or meals for low income families or children, and this can be provided from programs known as Santa’s Sleigh. Also, a back to school service is run, and students can get free supplies or clothing from the Red Apple School Supplies Program.

A food pantry from KCM will offer limited support to clients. They can use the center at most twice per month for non-perishable food or groceries. Also, there may be some seasonal fresh produce, and personal hygiene items and paper goods may also be provided by the pantry at the ministry. Other hunger prevention resource is the community Garden.

Short Term, Emergency Assistance can to provide people in a crisis with hopeful options, strong encouragement and a measure of stability. Katy Christian Ministry or local churches will assist clients in who are finding themselves in financial crisis. The program provides either applications to a grant or money from short term loans for utility bills, rent, life-sustaining medications and more.

The program also provides free groceries through a food pantry. Staff and volunteers from Katy Christian Ministry motivate people as well as entire families to make significant changes in their lives that will allow them to support themselves in the future.

Housing solutions in Harris and Fort Bend County

Qualified low income residents can learn about some or all of the following. Not only can Katy Christian Ministry help arrange this, but they may also run some of these programs themselves. Addressing the lack of housing, and the challenges that many people have in paying their rent, is a key goal.

The disabled can explore short term housing, as well as financial aid for rent or a security deposit, from Shelter Plus Care. This is a resource that provides help to the homeless or those on the verge of eviction, if they have a disability. The federal government sponsored service will offer them emergency rental assistance along with additional supportive services funded from sources outside the program.





There can be housing solutions for people in Harris County with serious mental illness, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, and related diseases. This will also cover their families who are living in places not intended for human habitation, such as in emergency shelters or on the streets.

Katy Christian Ministry can also referrals to the program. Shelter Care will allow for a variety of housing choices, and a range of supportive services funded by federal government sources. This is offered in response to the needs of the hard-to-reach homeless population with disabilities.

Information, Outreach Services and Referrals from Katy Christian Ministry help seniors as well as the low income in remaining in their homes as independently as possible. Staff may help to arrange financial assistance for their rent or with finding employment. Clients, such as senior citizens, can also be referred to personal care, meal preparation, etc. This will be arranged by programs at the Ministry or other social service agencies and non-profit organizations within the community.

Emergency homeless shelter in Katy Texas provides temporary housing to victims of domestic violence, single parents and their children. The typical length of stay is short term and services provided during that time address the victim’s immediate crisis as well as long term planning for self-sufficiency. Other support may referred to by KCM case managers, and that may be free meals, food, clothing, and more the shelter guests.

Applications and contact information

Dozens of churches are part of the KCM charity, and they are in Katy as well as other regions such as Fulshear, Wallis, and more. More information is at 281-391-9623.


By Jon McNamara

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