Eviction prevention assistance in Kane County.

Kane County tenants, and the currently homeless, have several HUD funded programs available to them to stop evictions as well as that can rehouse families. There are annual grants provided to the community, with the intent of the funds being to provide access to decent housing.

More information on each of these services is below. The programs are all focused on a certain situation, such as Emergency Solutions Grants which can help with rental arrears. Other resources will support veterans in Kane County or arrange supportive housing for senior citizens.

Kane County HOPWA was created with one goal in mind. This is to support people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS as well as their immediate family members. The government, working with agencies such as the United Way, aims to help low-income persons that are facing an eviction and that are also impacted by this condition.

While HOPWA will of course focus on housing needs, individuals with an AIDs diagnosis will be provided other services as well. Assistance ranges from information on local medical care centers to legal aid, food, and more. If the client is homeless, or if they have an eviction notice, the federally funded HOPWA program can often help them.

When it comes to government money for stopping an eviction, the Emergency Solutions Grants Program is often called upon. Each year, staff from non-profits in the city of Aurora or Kane County such as the United Way and Salvation Army decide which charities will be allocated grants. Low income tenants that are now facing eviction, or that may fall behind on their rent in the future, will be able to apply for help from ESG. Funding may be used to provide the following resources.

-Grants can be used to pay expenses for current tenants, including rent, heating costs, or water bills.
-Non-financial aid can be provided. This can include credit repair services, job placement, and more.
-ESG can pay for short term housing, including, but not limited to shelters or motel vouchers in Kane County.
-Rapid rehousing in Kane County is part of ESG, and the agencies may use their allotment of government money to pay for security deposits or first month's rent due to a landlord.




The ESG application process will require the tenant to have a low to moderate income. Eviction prevention is for clients that are facing an emergency that they did not cause, nor could they anticipate. This could be an issue such as a short term reduction in work hours, a time limited medical emergency/illness, or maybe an unexpected bill such as a car repair. Those are some examples of who has been assisted in Kane County in the past.

If the program has run out of funding, or maybe an applicant is not qualified, then other government safety net programs can be used. As one example, those applicants with a source of income (but it needs to be very low) may be candidates for section 8 housing vouchers, which can help with future rental costs. Or LIHEAP in Kane County can be used for paying heating bills, and this too can help stop an eviction.

The HOME program is used to both help the currently homeless and those that need to be rehoused into a new apartment in Kane County. Housing and Urban Development works with the county government as part of HOME, and together they expand the supply of affordable but safe housing. Apartments, shared housing, and other units are available to families living in poverty. There are also homes tailored to the needs of seniors, where they can not only be given a place to live but also other care such as meals, recreational activities, and other services.

Veterans in Kane County can receive eviction help from SSVF - Supportive Services for Veteran Families or HUD-VASH. Both of these combine grants along with case management services to care for former military members. These individuals deserve all the respect and support possible when it comes to their housing and other needs, and many agencies in Aurora ban together to ensure this occurs.

Eviction prevention is combined with case management. Organizations are always involved in enhancing the economic opportunities for both low income families and those that face chronic homelessness. There is also support given to single mothers so they can get their children safe and family together.

For more information on everything from eviction assistance to other housing matters, the contact www.kanecountyguide.org for referrals. Families of all incomes and backgrounds can receive information on services.



By Jon McNamara

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