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Kanawha Valley Senior Services focuses on helping the elderly and disabled in the county. The non-profit is closely involved in partnering with government and non-profit agencies such as the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources, and together they provide everything from transportation to medications and home care. They rely on both federal government grants and private donations in order to keep their programs fully functional and operating.

All of the resources are focused on low income residents of Kanawha County that meet age requirements and that are vulnerable. Programs range from offering low income apartments in partnership with the Charleston Housing Authority to serving elderly individuals in need of in-home care to helping seniors obtain the goal of socialization with their peers. They often coordinate the resources of other non-profit and charity organizations in the region as well.

Information on financial aid and public benefits

Social services include information, referrals, and guidance in applying for public aid or government benefits that are targeted at the elderly as well as disabled in the community. Kanawha Valley Senior Services (KVSS) has staff on site that will connect those in need who qualify to assistance programs and government services. Some examples of what is available includes grants for paying Home Heating bills from LIHEAP, Prescription Medication Assistance, Medicare and Medicaid and HUD approved housing.

Limited transportation is available in Kanawha County. The agency will arrange for rides that are door to door, and it will ensure that people get where they need to, whether it is a store, doctor appointment, or even local shopping trip. Transportation to non-emergency doctor appointments is provided for any disabled adults or seniors age 60 and over who have a Medicaid card (Not QMB). Any ride needs to be scheduled well in advance.

Care programs for seniors in Kanawha Valley

Respite and help for caregivers is coordinated, whether they are family or friends of the individual. One key program available is the Adult Day Center known as Our Place, and people can drop their loved ones there. They will be cared for at the location, and it gives the caregiver relief knowing that they are safe and in a supervised, social, and stimulating environment.




They can also learn about community service projects that may be applicable to their needs, or get questions answered on medical or financial issues. Our Place from KVSS provides a wide array of services to the older person and their caregiver.

The Community Health Program from Kanawha Valley Senior Services helps keep the elderly and disabled living in the place they are most comfortable, which is at home. They can help with activities such as light housekeeping, laundry, dressing, or meal preparation.

This is not a free service, but there may be some assistance available in paying for it from Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver Program, Veterans Administration, or even Medicaid. Dial (304)348-0707 to get more information or learn about payment options.

Another service is the In-Home Respite Care. The KVSS Family Caregiver Program gives relief to only unpaid caregivers, no matter who it is. A combination of trained staff and their assistants come into the home and let the caregiver take care of other needs they have, whether that is go to work, run errands or simply get rest.

Other assistance for the homebound and elderly may also be provided. Kanawha Valley Senior Services is located at any one of the following locations.

  • The Tiskelwah Senior Center/ CANS office is at 600 Florida Street, Charleston, West Virginia 25302, or dial (304)345-9700.
  • 2428 Kanawha Boulevard East office - Charleston, West Virginia 25311. Dial (304) 348-0707.



By Jon McNamara

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