Find assistance from Kalamazoo Community Action Agency.

Assistance is available for a diverse group of low income Kalamazoo Michigan families. The local community action agency administers emergency assistance for paying bills, housing, and rent. There are social services and programs for veterans, senior citizens, and the unemployed. The non-profit community action group is committed to helping as many less fortunate residents as possible during their time of need.

Help with bills, rent, medical care and other needs

Emergency financial assistance may be offered by appointment only. There may be funds to pay utility bills for households faced with a disconnection. Other resources may be referrals to rental assistance, eviction prevention, or prescription medication programs. The homeless can learn about transitional housing sites in the county or loan programs that may help pay a portion of a security deposit. Other support is energy conservation and case management from Kalamazoo Community Action Agency case managers. Dial 373-5066.

Weatherization from Kalamazoo Community Action Agency is the main federal government sponsored conservation program. Call 373-5066 for details. For low income families, they can receive assistance in the form of checking the condition of the furnace and/or water heater, weather stripping windows, insulation, and other energy conservation measures.

These updates will be done on homes to ultimately reduce their annual energy bills. It frees up the homeowners money for other needed basic needs or expenses. Those from Kalamazoo Michigan that are receiving FIP, SSI, or SDA are automatically eligible for these free weatherization services.

Veterans in the area can get referrals and guidance. The non-profit will help military members and their families. Get information on VA / Department of Veterans Affairs benefits and how to file for them. In addition, the agency will work to arrange temporary financial assistance to eligible wartime veterans and their immediate family members that are experiencing some type of unexpected hardship or emergency. There is even a Veteran Trust Fund that can help in Michigan. 373-5284.





Free vision and hearing screening is for children and students. This is available for those under the age of 18 at preschool clinics, school, in-house clinics, Head Start, and regional daycare centers. Call 373-5029.

Children and women can benefit from Women, Infant, and Children (WIC). This offers formula and free supplemental food for pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women. There is also assistance for their infants, newborns and children up to 5 years old. It is for the very low income and poor in the county. Dial 373-5002 for details or stop by the Portage Community Center or Nazareth WIC clinic.

Dental care and assistance is available from Kalamazoo Community Action Agency clinics. It accepts both the uninsured as well as those with Medicaid coverage. Some examples of services available include cleanings, restorative care, fluoride, and extraction services. Other care from hygienists and dentists includes exams, fillings, cleanings, extractions, x-rays, fluoride treatments, sealants, and other services.

While in some cases it will be free, in most cases the services are offered at a reduced rate based on household income and the families need. Telephone - 373-5217.

There is some very limited coverage for an emergency. This will only be for walk ins and is first come and served. There is often a waiting period and there are no guarantees that all emergencies will be addressed by the Kalamazoo dental clinic.

Community Action programs for seniors

Kalamazoo Community Action Agency also works closely with the Area Agency on Aging. This will help seniors, older adults, their caregivers, and others maintain their independence and health in their homes and communities. The non-profit offers a network of coordinated services to older adults.





There are several services from the Area Agency on Aging. Qualified clients can receive information and referrals to government aid such as Medicare and Social Security. Or get referrals to Meals on Wheels programs, prescription medications, and medical care needs.

Choices for Independence is when Nurses and/or Social Workers assist individuals and/or their caregivers to connect with the local emergency services that best fit their needs for any type of financial aid. Programs are designed for veterans of all ages, the disabled, and residents over the age of 60 who need assistance to remain in their home.

Other support includes Custom Care, which is a fee-for-service program providing geriatric care management services by professionals and Healthy Living Programs. These are all Area Agency on Aging and community action sponsored solutions intended to ensure the overall health and safety of seniors.

The Kalamazoo Community Action Agency is based at 3299 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49048. Call a number above, or dial (269) 373-5066.



By Jon McNamara

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