Johnson City Local Aid assistance programs.

Find help from Johnson City Local Aid for bills, food, medical and basic needs. The charity, which is mostly a non-profit, helps the disadvantaged in the immediate community of Junction City School District area only in Lane County Oregon anyway possible. They use a combination of donations and volunteer run services to support families.

A summary of their programs are below. The exact resources available in Johnson city and the school district will depend on funding levels as well as the time of year. As an example, the Christmas and holiday assistance is only naturally offered during the fall or winter months.

There are several categories of assistance. They include basic needs like food, clothes, medical, energy bills, and transportation. Each resource from Johnson City Local Aid is limited. As noted it is only for residents (who qualify) and that live in the Junction school district.

Free items and support from Johnson City Local Aid

The non-profit does give several categories of free stuff. One is food from a pantry and/ot meal items.

The Johnson City Local Aid food pantry is involved in fighting food insecurity of families, students and children. Partnering with non-profits and the USDA in the state of Oregon, they offer groceries and other aid. The goal is to ensure that families have enough food for a healthy lifestyle. It covers the entire home.

Food insecurity is when a family is not always sure where their next meal will come from. Or they lack nutritious food and instead turn to inexpensive, high fat, sugary and calorie-dense items. Often, those particular individuals need to make a trade-off between paying for items such as rent or utility bills or medical costs, and purchasing nutritionally adequate food. So they live on tight budgets. The Local Aid pantry can help some of these households get what they need.





Free medical supplies or prescription medications may be offered as well. Up to $100 per year in aid can be provided, and a voucher system is in place. This can help students in the school district with some of their basic health care, even including lice checks as well as remedies.

Bus tokens are part of the transportation program. This is another of the free services. It will be for very local travel only. It can help pay for doctor or hospital appointments, work if an unexpected issue (such a car repair), a job interview, or some other crisis event.

Johnson City Local Aid also provides free clothes to both children/students as well as adults. They rely on donations from the community. There may be shoes, sneakers, pants, boots, hats, gloves, and much more. Find other sources of low income free clothing programs.

Financial support

The Assistance Programs from Johnson City Local Aid are intended to be a safety net for local Junction City School District families that are in a hardship. The support, whether it is a box of food or financial aid, is only for residents with a need for emergency help. An appointment can be made for walk in services.

There may be direct support given to the client, if they are approved. This may be a few dollars for rent, energy bills, and other costs. The assistance is given to families and residents that are facing an emergency situation only. Also, any financial help for bills such as rent, car repairs, or utilities is a last resort, for people who have no where else to turn.





For more information, Johnson City Local Aid is located at 210 E 6th Avenue, Junction City, OR 97448 with a phone number of (541) 998-3992. As noted, they only support residents of Junction City School District. All inquires need to come from that area.

By Jon McNamara

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