Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit programs.

The main resources from Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit involve case management and emergency assistance. While some programs are faith based, others are available to income qualified families across Wayne County as well as the city. Grants can be used from the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program to pay bills, clients can access foreclosure prevention, transportation, and food.

Referrals from JFS are available as a form of support to families in crisis. The non-profit is involved in connecting clients to case managers, who serve as personal advisers. They will offer oversight and guidance on the process of finding solutions to a hardship.

The case manager works closely with the client to develop a plan and connect them with appropriate non-profits, resources or social services to address medical, financial or other personal crises. Some of the assistance programs and services that may be offered in Detroit are below.

  • Rent and housing assistance. This can be from the Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program. There may be funds to pay security deposits, or free foreclosure prevention as well as transition to affordable housing in Wayne County.
  • Medical and Healthcare Access for Adults without Insurance.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance for paying bills such as medications, heating costs, or rental expenses. This is often fulfilled from government grants and sources to help meet short-term financial needs.
  • Mental Health Services, including addiction Treatment.
  • Referral to Community Resources, including charities, interest-free loans through Hebrew Free Loan and government benefits.

Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit Emergency Financial Assistance Program is in place to help people with meeting financial commitments. Especially in these difficult financial economic times in Michigan, it can be very difficult to pay all monthly bills, cover the rent, or even to buy food.

In order to help with these needs, JFS makes use of various cash grants and other types of funding to help low income individuals or families with short-term financial needs. In addition, the program offers assistance in the management and achievement of long-term goals. For further information on what may be offered, dial 248-592-2313.




Families and individuals receiving JFS Case Management services may be eligible for services provided by their Housing and Financial Support Services department. This program provides coaching, education and social support in regard to financial and housing concerns.

Many people from the region have lost their homes due to business downturns, medical expenses, job layoffs, divorce or death, reduction of their Detroit pensions, or loss of retirement funds.

The first step for a plan for recovery is to perform a detailed budget analysis as a foundation to identifying and explaining all appropriate options. This will then all the individual and their case manager to make a fully informed decision on how to reach your housing goals.

Assistance from Housing and Financial Support touches upon the following. Mortgage Affordability Analysis; Individualized Goal Development; Accessing to Community Resources; Foreclosure and Home Loss Intervention and Consultation; Mortgage Evaluation; and Budget analysis.

JFS Legal Referral Service is partnered with local attorneys in Wayne County who generously donate their time and expertise. The agency provides clients with access to pro bono legal consultation and representation. The free legal aid may include debt negotiation; advice on filing Bankruptcy, Employment Issues, applying for Social Security or disability, and Family Law.

For low income or uninsured residents in need of assistance with obtaining health care, Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit offers a nationally recognized program called Project Chessed. This service that has provided an access-to-care network to countless uninsured adults many years.

Project Chessed works by connecting those who may otherwise go without prescriptions or medical care to solutions. It links patients with physicians, treatment centers, hospitals and service providers.  Also, since the passage of health care reform, JFS has assisted the community as a primary provider of healthcare navigation services.





Assistance is offered for senior caregivers. The fact is that people are living longer lives, and by 2030, one in every four Michigan residents will be over the age of 65. More family members will find themselves in the role of  caregiver to older relatives. JFS of Detroit will allow increased access to information and support. This helps with stress management and enables the caregiver to provide the best care possible to ensure the greatest quality of life for the loved one.

Caregivers in the region are encouraged to turn to JFS Family Caregiver Access Network (FCAN) for referrals to appropriate services and resources. The program also offers workshops to provide assistance for family caregivers.

Meals on Wheels from Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit is a partnership with the National Council of Jewish Women. For many homebound individuals, including the disabled, this service is invaluable. The JFS Meals on Wheels program delivers two kosher meals each day, five days a week, to the clients' homes. If you're concerned about the nutritional needs of a loved one or you know someone who might enjoy having healthy, low cost yet delicious meals delivered to them, feel free to contact the program at 248-592-2313.

JFS runs a transportation service for those who have limited or no access to transportation. It can be due to financial or health issues. Regardless, the purpose of the program is to help someone close to you run necessary errands, keep appointments, or see friends or loved ones.

The agency offers reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation to families. Each client receives personalized services according to their needs, whether it's curb-to-curb assistance or help getting entering and exiting a building. Wheel-chair transportation is also available in Wayne County as needed.

Jewish Family Service of Metropolitan Detroit is located at 25900 Greenfield Rd., #405, Oak Park, Michigan 48237. Dial 248-592-2300.



By Jon McNamara

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