JEWEL Human Services emergency assistance programs.

Eastern Star Church and its JEWEL Human Services provide assistance to the low income and working poor in Indianapolis. The charity offers several different programs to those that qualify, ranging from free food, the Career Connection Computer, and emergency financial aid for expenses such as rent.

Some of the main services offered from the Marion County based church are below. The funding for them comes from donations and other sources, so resources are limited. Significant amounts of proof of income, address and hardship will be required as well. JEWEL can also help the elderly, disabled, and families with children from the city.

Self-sufficiency, such as education and employment resources are available. They can help develop skills or assist in other ways, such as increasing spiritual levels.

The Arlington Woods School may offer financial support for students. This will also include career days, mentoring, and free Christmas assistance for children. Case managers also work with local schools across Marion County in an effort to coordinate resources.

Another holiday program is the Christmas Under-A-Star. The church, using donations and the volunteer time of partners, will offer free meals, gifts, and food to low income families. Children from qualified Indianapolis households can receive toys, gifts, winter coats, and other items. There can also be baskets of food items passed out.

Emergency financial and cash assistance is offered from Community Partners and other JEWEL Human Services resources. Several different non-profit organizations and charities work with the church to coordinate assistance. Depending on what the request is for (such as rent help, medications, utility bills, or a security deposit) in some cases applicants will receive a loan from JEWELL. There may also be referrals to community partners for low income housing and other services.

Another component of this is for Benevolence. This will offer professional services and referrals to those impacted by a crisis. Seniors and their families may sometimes benefit from this.




Working with the Gleaner's Food Bank, JEWELL Services may offer free meals and other forms of food assistance to the needy. Another similar resource is Garden on the Go, which will offer vegetables, fruits, and similar items. This is located at Eastern Star Church and IU Health is a key partner. EBT Cards / food stamps can also be used to pay for the items at the pantry and Garden.

Share-A-Sack is focused on providing free food and meals to seniors and the elderly. While the Gleaner's Food Bank can be used to select food items, there may also be some home delivery of meals and other items that occurs.

Job Programs are being addresses as well by JEWEL Human Services. As part of this, they operate a Career Connection Computer Lab. This provides free use for activities such as job searching, creating a resume, and even touching up on computer skills. It is recommended to make reservations, and that phone number is 317-547-5483.

All resources and assistance from the church is limited. Be prepared to have ID, social security cards for all household members, copies of income, proof of address and more. Requests for financial aid or a loan will require more documentation, including copy of lease, utility bills, and more documentation on what is causing the hardship. Even when requesting groceries or meals from the pantry, most, if not all of this will be required as well.

If JEWEL Human Services can’t meet your needs from the programs above, then referrals may be available for other nearby organizations as well. Stop by 5719 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46218, or dial 317.547.5483.



By Jon McNamara

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