Jefferson Davis and Acadia Parish Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army center in the Jefferson Davis area is regional. There is not one dedicated location for these parishes. This often means applicants need to travel to a Family Service Center, and it also means that resources are spread thin. But there are several social services available from this church based group.

The categories of assistance programs include the following. Note all of these depend on funding, so they can change over time. Even when support is not offered, referrals may be given out by the charity.

-There is emergency financial aid in the form of grants to pay for water bills, rent, or utilities or free food boxes.
-The Center of Hope is a transitional housing/case management service.
-Free Christmas toys, gifts, and even meals for families in Jefferson Davis Parish are part of the Angel Tree program.
-There are ministries for both men and women, including single moms or dads. Education, guidance, and free advice is given.
-Youth programs help students and children, and range from summer camps to after school care and free back to school supplies.
-The Salvation Army also responds to disasters in Acadia as well as Jefferson Parish, often in short order.
-A low cost thrift store sells items to the community, and it also raises money for the assistance programs.

Those are the primary categories of aid. Note any type of funds for paying bills will be the most limited and comes with other restrictions.

More details on social services

The Center of Hope is available to help the formerly or currently homeless as well anyone looking for a new start. It offers clients access to a few different resources. The first is the emergency, overnight shelter which gets people off the streets. There is also a transitional housing program for the greater Jefferson Davis Parish region, and this is for “graduates” of the shelter.





Clients get free meals, clothing, information on security deposit or first month rent programs, and much more. The maximum amount of time in the shelter is limited to 5 days, and there will be drug tests done on applicants as it is a clean and sober site.

Emergency Services doubles as their financial aid program. This focuses on senior citizens, the working poor, and struggling families in Jefferson Davis and Acadia. It provides some short term support for paying bills while the client gets back on their feet. It can pay for energy bills, housing, medications, and more.

The Salvation Army of Jefferson Davis and Acadia Parish operates Angel Tree too. This both spreads the holiday joy, and allows people to Lend a Hand to the less fortunate. Children can apply for toys, clothing at Christmas, games, and other goods. All of this will be given out for free as part of Angel Tree.

Ministry programs help either women and/or men. There are two separate services based on those groups. They offer spiritual counseling, case management, educational support, and overall guidance. It is an effective anti-poverty service.

The Salvation Army is always focused on future generations too. They help youth grow and develop. It also gives relief to parents as well that are struggling to make ends meet. As there are low cost summer camps in Jefferson Davis Parish. Some local after school care programs are also available, and kids can go there to be safe, get mentoring, and do homework while their parents work.

To learn more or get referrals, call 337-721-8068. The Jefferson Davis and Acadia Parish Salvation Army offers support when possible. Or they give referrals.



By Jon McNamara

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