Iowa City and Johnson County water bill assistance.

Discounts are provided to struggling and low income Iowa City families for their sewer, water, and even trash pick-up bills. The financial help is available as part of the Utilities' Payment Assistance Fund or from local charities, including the Salvation Army. Both agencies mostly rely on donations from the community to help the less fortunate.

Depending on where the low income family or individual applies at for support, that will determine the type of help they are given. Charities and non-profits may offer a small amount of money as a direct form of financial support. On the other hand, the Iowa City Utilities' Payment Assistance Fund only gives discounts to those that qualify. Or in some cases the provider will help the customer enter into a payment plan or provide households with more time to pay their bills.

Option number one is the Iowa City Utilites' Assistance Fund. It gives a small monthly discount to the poor, low income, and customers that are living in poverty. The goal is to help the homeowner or renter keep their water or sewer service on. The discount will only last for a limited amount of time; it is not never ending.

This service strictly relies on donations from local businesses as well as individuals in Iowa City. All of the money collected goes to assist hundreds of households each and every year with a deduction on their bills. The amount of that deduction on water, garbage, or a sewer bill will vary based on many factors, including the customer’s income, number of family members, and more.

Generally the Assistance Fund helps a few to several hundred local families per year. Once the money runs out no one else can be assisted. As noted, it is only funded by donations from the community. Once that pipeline of funds run out then now one else can be supported until the Iowa City Water Bill Utilities' Payment Assistance Fund has been replenished. Call 319-356-5000 for information or to apply. All discounts and funds are first come-first served.





Iowa City or Johnson County charities and non-profits – Now the amount of financial assistance to pay for water bills is very limited. Generally, a local charity or non-profit will not have sewer or water as its number one request, or number one use of their limited funds. Generally paying for case management services, food, housing, and similar expenses is the priority. However on occasion a charity may help a struggling family keep their water service on. Find details on state of Iowa community action agencies and their emergency assistance programs.

Some of the organizations to try include, but are not limited to, the Salvation Army, Community Action Agency, and also Catholic Charities. They rely on their own donations as well as volunteers to raise money. If they can’t assist a certain customer, they may refer the person to another regional option, even including the Utilities' Payment Assistance Fund.

When applying for assistance for water or other bills, bring proof of residency; copy of identification; proof of income; copy of any water or sewage disconnect notice; proof of employment or income from benefits (SSI, child support, etc.); and other information. The more supporting information the better for the applicant.




By Jon McNamara

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