Indiana hospital bill assistance.

Good Samaritan Hospital
This Indiana medical facility will be increasing the amount of charity care offered to persons who have health care needs. A number of conditions need to be met, including applicants need to lack an existing insurance an, they can't be eligible for a government assistance program, or if they are otherwise unable to pay for medical care or hospital bills based on their financial situation. The Financial Assistance Program will provide an additional $1 million dollars in charity care to patients than was spent last year, so this should allow more people the ability to receive help.

As a direct result of the weak economy, Good Samaritan Hospital is also making several changes to the Financial Assistance Program. Among other things, Good Samaritan Hospital will be redoing inpatient charges for the uninsured. As an example of these savings, during 2008 the average charges for an uninsured inpatient stay were approximately $11,500. The results of this new program and increased charity aid will result in an average hospital bill of approximately $4,700, so almost $7,000 less on average per visit. Also, to further help uninsured outpatients, Good Samaritan Hospital will lower their bill by 15% at the time of billing.

In addition, the hospital will also use additional resources to proactively assist patients with the application process. They want as many people as possible to be aware of and apply for their Financial Assistance Program. This new process they have in place is used to help determine the patient’s eligibility for charity care, federal government plans, Indiana state assistance, and also potential discount amounts. You will also work with a counselor and explore opportunities for Medicaid, Healthy Indiana Plan, or other potential forms of available Government assistance programs. Call 812-885-3100.

Indiana University Health
This hospital system will also provide medical care to all patients, regardless of their insurance status and ability to pay their bills. The organization has created a Financial Assistance policy. IU Health is committed to assist those who are low income, uninsured or medically indigent. They do this by  providing financial support to those who ask for assistance. This can even be provided to patients after healthcare has been provided to them.





A formal application process is in place. They will review your income and supporting documentation. After this application has been processed, Indiana University Health may determine if you qualify for further financial assistance with your hospital costs. They may also offer a sliding fee billing scale that is based on the annual household income as well as the number of household members. Dial the billing and financial services team at 877.668.5621 for details or to apply.

Several Indiana hospitals are part of this system. They offer financial assistance, payment plans and discounts to those who need help. The medical providers are committed to improving the overall health of the individuals, patients and Indiana communities they serve. The hospital will give special concern for the uninsured, sick and poor. St.Vincent will care for all people, regardless of their ability to pay for their hospital bills. Call  (317) 338-8035 to speak to a financial counselor to explore your options on paying your hospital bills. Ideally you should do this before receiving treatment.

A number of hospitals in Indiana are part of St Vincent health system and provide assistance to the needy in Indiana. Examples are below.

St.Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital 
Bedford,  St.Vincent Dunn Hospital 
Brazil, St.Vincent Clay 
Carmel, St.Vincent CarmelSt.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana 
Elwood, St.Vincent Mercy 
Fishers/Noblesville, St.Vincent Fishers Hospital 
Frankfort St.Vincent, Frankfort

The Marion County-Indianapolis region has several St. Vincent hospitals. They include the following
St.Vincent Indianapolis
St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana
St.Vincent New Hope
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital
Seton Specialty Hospital
St.Vincent Stress Center
St.Vincent Women's Hospital
Indianapolis & Lafayette is served by St.Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital
Kokomo, St.Joseph Hospital 
North Vernon, St.Vincent Jennings
St.Vincent Salem
Williamsport, St.Vincent Williamsport




By Jon McNamara

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