Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN)

The Indiana Housing and Community Authority helped organize various banks and organizations throughout the state to create the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN). The IFPN hosts events throughout the state of Indiana that provide counseling and alternatives to foreclosure, they can put homeowners in contact with housing counselors, and they provide various other services to homeowners, most of which are free to borrowers. Over the last 3 years about 60,000 Indiana homeowners have received assistance from the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network.

How does the Indiana Housing and Community Authority provide help

Homeowners who have been sent a foreclosure notice, or who are falling behind on their monthly mortgage payments, can be put in touch with a housing counselor who can provide them with advice and information on their options. Homeowners will be put in touch with a certified foreclosure prevention counselor. This individual will review their financial situation and discuss your specific housing situation. The consultations will be offered at no cost to the homeowner as part of the services that are being offered by the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network. The housing counselor will discuss your options and help you find the best solution to your situation. Some of the solutions may involve a loan modification, forbearance, or one of the numerous federal government mortgage programs.

Oftentimes when you ask for help, the homeowner will be referred to a certified foreclosure prevention specialist with a local nonprofit organization in your county or town. Another option that is being pushed by the network is the Indiana foreclosure mediation program.

Which Indiana agencies provide homeowners with foreclosure prevention assistance

Dozens of non-profits, community action agencies, and other organizations have agreed to provide free help to borrowers across the state. A sampling of these organizations can be found here. However, there are many others that are not listed. Basically most credit and housing counselors participate.



Bloomington Housing and Neighborhood Development, City of South Bend, Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership, Housing Opportunities, Inc., Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, and the South Bend Heritage Foundation.

A number of national credit and housing counseling agencies that operate in Indiana also have partnered with IFPN. These include Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Indiana, Inc., GreenPath, Inc., as well as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Midwest, Inc.

Banks and lenders that participate

Countless lenders and banks, both national and regional, have also agreed to participate and provide homeowners with solutions as part of the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN). A sampling of them include. Bank of America, Citigroup, Freddie Mac, Chase, Fifth Third Bank, Fannie Mae, and also US Bank. Most lenders would rather work with a borrower and an agency such as IFPN rather than foreclosure on someone’s home. Not only does it provide the bank with positive press and feedback, but it also benefits them financially as it can often cost more money to foreclose and resell a house then it would be to provide a solution to a mortgage hardship.

Begin the process

There are a couple different ways to begin the process of receiving help and support from the IFPN. You can contact your local Indiana community action agency. Click here to find a listing of agencies ad non-profits by county. Or you can dial 1-877-Get-Hope to learn more.





By Jon McNamara

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