Indian River County Florida car repairs.

From time to time the Salvation Army of Indian River County may receive a cash grant from the government to provide for various automobile repairs. The program is formally known as the Ride Safe/Vehicle Safety and Maintenance Program. The grant size is not large, and only a small number of select people will qualify for help.

This grant program helps provide assistance to low income, but working, individuals who have been impacted by the weak economy. Maybe local individuals had a reduction in hours or income, and now have recent car problems that they need help paying for. So the Salvation Army may be able to provide for individuals by helping make their car safe by getting new brakes, tires and other safety issues. Other assistance can provide for repairs or pay for maintenance issues such as car seats and seat belt repair for passengers of the car and children.

The government grant and Ride Safe Program is designed to help local Indian County residents get to work. Or it can help those who have a job and need the use of reliable transportation or a car to either accept or maintain employment. Assistance can also be provided to help those families with children get them to school, summer camp or daycare safely that normally would not be able to do so due to non-reliable transportation or financial restraints.

The grant for automobile repairs was awarded by the Indian River Community Foundation. The financial assistance was provided through a competitive grants application program designed to address the time-sensitive community needs identified, which have increased from the recent economic recession in Florida. The Indian River Community Foundation has from time to time provided additional funding to The Salvation Army’s unique car repair program.





Many hard working people who are just faced with a short term hardship are still struggling to make ends meet, pay the bills, and get by during these difficult times. An unexpected car problem or auto repair bill can send a family over the edge by preventing them from getting to work or a job interview. Worst case it can even lead to unemployment. This assistance program strategically targets hard working people in jeopardy of losing employment opportunities due to unreliable transportation or some unexpected car problem. Find other car repair programs.

The local Salvation Army is part of the universal Christian Church, however they help people of all backgrounds and religion. In addition to this car repair grant program, other social services available in Indian River Florida can range from providing free food for the hungry, clothing and shelter to the homeless or people facing eviction, relief for disaster victims or victims of fire, assistance for the disabled, outreach to seniors, elderly and ill, and referrals to other non-profits and government programs. To learn more about the Ride Safe Program, or to find other assistance, call The Salvation Army at (772) 978-0265.





By Jon McNamara

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