IMMCAA Inc. assistance programs.

IMMCAA Inc. supports working poor families with their basic needs. Assistance ranging from food to clothing and emergency assistance may all be available. They also can place Naples residents into an emergency shelter. However, the number of requests to the agency will exceed available resources, so many people will need to be turned down.

The Food Pantry was created within the community to allow individuals and families the ability to receive free groceries. The food that is disbursed is sourced from various community outlets such as churches, area businesses, supermarkets, individual donations and civic groups. All of these outlets collaboratively work together to support the pantry and help those at risk for hunger in the Collier County community.

The IMMCAA location has one goal in mind. That is to feed anyone in need, no matter their age, income, or religion. In fact, many seniors from Naples Florida use the site for meals to meet their dietary needs. They will do their best to never deny anyone necessary food for their survival. It is available to the community throughout the course of the year.

For children living at poverty level who live in Collier County, there is a Youth Program that is designed to build self-esteem and confidence. It will hopefully allow them to become contributing members of the community as they grow and develop.

Some of the offerings include holiday activities such as Easter baskets, information on local Summer Day Camp, providing free school supplies and holiday help. IMMCAA may offer access for low income parents to the Christmas Gifting Program to help provide gifts during the holiday season.

Families and individuals in need of affordable clothing, Christmas toys, household goods and furniture have access to the Thrift Store. These items from IMMCAA Inc. may be purchased at the center using a voucher system at steeply discounted prices. Some residents in Collier County may be given free items as well, especially if they are facing a disaster.

Within the store, there is an abundance of gently used, good quality clothing along with other unique items. They are both sold and displayed in a second-hand boutique atmosphere. Profits from sales go directly back to the agency to support operations of these services as well as their shelter. So by people shopping at the thrift store, this will go a long way in ensuring residents have support during their time of need.




IMMCAA Inc. has additional, specific programs to help meet the needs of those residing in the community. These may be offered at the thrift store. While limited, there may be Wheelchairs, Fans, Walkers, Heaters for the winter, and free Winter Coat Distribution. Clients for these items generally get help from referrals from area agencies, churches and various participating organizations.

The main financial support tool of IMMCAA is the Direct Emergency Assistance Program. This works to help residents in crisis mode with their basic needs of survival. Those in need of these services should call to schedule an appointment and be prepared to bring in the necessary documentation, such as on their income, to the office. The main components include advocacy, referrals, education and encouraging clients to volunteer their services in the community.

Based on the results of the application, IMMCAA will issue a grant for any needs identified. As an example, if it was determined that the family may be homeless with help, then maybe funds for a portion of a rent payment will be made.

Assistance for the elderly population at risk in the community is available. Funding is available for things such as paying for emergency medication, utilities, food, heating costs and clothing to ensure their needs are met. Oftentimes, funding from IMMCAA is what makes the difference between staying in their homes or being evicted, so this service is both critical and in high demand.

Support is available at IMMCAA Inc. for immigrants in Collier County, such as Hispanics. The staff will coordinate interactions with bilingual staff members to help them meet their basic survival needs. The agency also works as an advocate and refers people to local resources within the community as they adapt to a new environment.

Dental and Medical care is available at clinics in Naples and across the County. Case managers will offer referrals to these services. The staff will try to offer other support as well. The agency will try to offer eligible clients referrals to medical centers or maybe even vouchers for emergency medications. Some sites even offer emergency dental care specifically for treating tooth pain. Funding is through private donations and partners such as the United Way.




The annual Thanksgiving Food Box Distribution offers eligible residents with a meal or food basket. This can help them serve a healthy Thanksgiving meal to their family. Clients will receive a box with enough to feed their family members over the holiday.

For more information from the agency, the office is at 1255 N 15th St # 1, Immokalee, Florida 34142. The intake line is (239) 657-2213.


By Jon McNamara

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