Housing Authority of Charlotte programs.

Housing Authority of Charlotte (CHA) assistance programs are intended to prevent an eviction and to also rehouse those individuals that have show the ability to main a home in the future. The agency uses a variety of tools to meet this goal. Whether it is vouchers from HUD section 8, grants from ESG for paying back rent or a security deposit, or referrals to LIHEAP for past due energy bills, there is generally some form of aid available.

City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County residents can also get help in locating a permanent home. The Authority will often have information on both public housing as well as low income apartments that exist in the greater Charlotte North Carolina region. They can also refer a qualified applicant to a variety of resources such as section 8 vouchers. Even homeowners can learn about mortgage programs that can prevent them from going homeless.

Services for tenants and prospective renters

The Charlotte Housing Authority is administrator of the federally funded Section 8 Rental Assistance Program. This HUD resource provides financial assistance to eligible, low-income families looking for decent, safe, and sanitary rental housing in Mecklenburg County. For clients, Section 8 subsidizes a portion of their monthly rent for a single-family dwelling. The government money can be used to pay for an apartment, or mobile home, with the amount based on the tenant's income.

Monthly subsidy payments are made on time by the Housing Authority of Charlotte, and are disbursed directly directly to the property owner or management company. The landlords retain normal management rights and responsibilities, including rent collection, property maintenance, tenant selection, and lease termination.

The apartments selected by the participant can vary widely. There are units that are income based as well as homes to be leased for those considered working poor. Tenants that are enrolled into the CHA job training services also have housing dedicated for their needs.




Individuals and families who are homeless or in danger of becoming evicted can turn to the Authority of Charlotte for housing assistance. Through the crisis program, the agency provides referrals and information on direct financial assistance in the form of loans or a grant.

Any aid from CHA is also combined with counseling to help tenants or homeowners find stable housing or maintain their current property. In addition, Charlotte Housing Authority partners offers shelter on a nightly basis to homeless people who can verify residency in Mecklenburg County for at least 30 days.

Other Housing Authority of Charlotte homelessness-relief services include one time rent help or money for a deposit, outreach, basic-needs assistance, case management and referrals. If county residents are experiencing an emergency, the agency does it best to try to house such clients in a local motel for a night on weekdays or three nights on weekends, but this is rare as it is expensive. In either case, participants of this Charlotte Authority service must meet with a caseworker the morning of the next business day.

Tenants will also be able to enroll into Charlotte Housing Authority self-sufficiency programs. These will be focused on ensuring the person gain sustain their lease agreement in the future. Parts of this services, known as FSS, are as follows. Job training and preparation, Affordable child care and vouchers, credit counseling or budgeting classes, substance abuse treatment if needed, and much more.

CHA program for homebuyers

The intent of the Charlotte Housing Authority Home Buyer Education Workshop is to provide participants, whether they are looking to buy or currently are homeowners, with a full understanding of what is takes to own a property. It also covers the home purchasing process and how they can make the best use of the resources available to them.

Housing Authority of Charlotte will hold several modules. The Workshops cover methods of determining what price level each client can afford, while still making dreams a reality. Additional subject matter includes Qualifying for a Loan, Understanding Credit, Coming up with money for a Downpayment, Mortgage Options, and Foreclosure Counseling.




Many of the participants of the HUD section 8 housing choice vouchers eventually want to buy a home in Mecklenburg County. This may often be a long term goal, but it is always feasible. For these individuals the counseling services are very valuable.

For more information on CHA programs or to locate income based housing in the community, the phone number is 704-336-5183. Note there is often a long waiting list, and some of the assistance is only available via referrals.


By Jon McNamara

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