Hope House New Orleans assistance programs.

Using donations from the public and businesses, the Hope House faith based organization in New Orleans works to assist the poor, low income, and less fortunate in Orleans Parish of Louisiana. The non-profit may from time to time have funds available to help the working poor and low income with their basic needs, including food, groceries, rental costs, and utility bills, among other items. The homeless and evicted can learn about shelters or security deposit programs, and their may be some zero interest loans for some of these bills and emergency needs.

Staff and volunteers from Hope House work with the poor, and try to foster self-sufficiency, worth, and dignity in them. Assisting them with gaining stability, education, and long term success is another objective. So learning centers help in that capacity.

There are many programs from Hope House, not to mention referrals and other guidance. Some of the financial aid may include the following. But as indicated, it relies heavily on donations from the public.

  • Emergency financial assistance  may be for housing costs. This may be for rental costs, utilities, or a deposit. Or get referrals to transitional housing units in New Orleans. This is often available on a first come and served basis.
  • Food, clothing, and similar basic needs are available from the non-profit. They don’t want to see families, seniors, or children in Orleans parish go hungry, so aid is offered.
  • Support, such as referrals and advice, is offered for struggling residents of St Thomas, Channel, Irish, and the Lower Garden District neighborhoods.
  • Other items may be Free coffee and pastries, bread, magazines, Newspapers and books. This is available from partners such as Common Grounds Resource and Coffeehouse. The homeless can availa themselves of these programs too.

The Hope House and its partners have a local Adult Learning Center. This is part of their self-sufficiency services and focus. Among other things, it will offer free use of computers and internet access. This can allow the unemployed the ability to find a job, or maybe complete a resume or cover letter.

Other educational programs can include Basic Adult Education and Literacy Training. Having developed skills are key to the completive job market in Louisiana. Potential employers want candidates to have the latest skills, strong math and literacy skills, and other knowledge. Staff and volunteers from the Hope House faith based organization can help clients work towards these goals.




Other services from the Learning Center include Preparation for Alternative High School diploma, or GED. There is also ACT and SAT preparation and testing. Once again, the focus here is on self-sufficiency of the client. Call the center at 504-524-7353.

Children and teenagers can also benefit from an After-School Youth Program. These will range from field trips, recreation, and homework help. There are weekday sessions coordinated.

Other assistance is from the Prison Ministry. They offer visits, often with volunteers, with people at Orleans and Angola prisons in Louisiana. There is also workshops on local poverty and justice, Education for Justice, and a number of high school, church, college, and civic groups that operate in the parish. Those too are focused on the less fortunate.

Hope House is a non-profit that was created in the 1960s. The tax-exempt organization relies heavily on contributions, government grants and donations from the public. So please give back if and when you can. All contributions are welcome and will be tax deductible. The address is 916 St. Andrew St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Dial (504) 525-2561.




By Jon McNamara

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