Hope Haven housing and support programs.

Hope Haven partners with other agencies as well as government run social service offices to support those residents that are in a crisis. Several volunteers work at the charity and they try to help struggling families to the best of their ability. Any aid is provided at their discretion, and there are no guarantees to receiving support in DeKalb County Illinois.

The programs, most of which are housing focused, are established to make the most use of limited resources. What may be provided by the agency, either directly or with their partners, are noted below. When seeking help, applicants need proof of residency in DeKalb County, information on their total income, assets, and savings, and other proof. Hope Haven will often give priority to those individuals with a plan in place to overcome their hardship.

Funds for security deposits or first months rent are from the Hope Haven Rapid Re-housing program. This is for those from the community that are doing fairly well, but they have some minor barriers to overcome to find a new home or apartment.

Rehousing also includes stabilization. Hope Haven not only wants to get the client into a new property that is affordable, but they also want them to stay there. So this is a form of pro-active, homeless prevention. It combines financial aid for future rent with job training and other support.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides financial assistance for rent expenses to income-qualified clients. Hope Haven administers this program in DeKalb County Illinois. Prospective applicants are placed on a waiting list after completing a pre-application.

Note due to the demand, the wait list for a voucher can last up to several years, but some people (such as the disabled or elderly) may be given different priorities. Program eligibility is determined as names are pulled from the list.

Vouchers are given to eligible tenants, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will pay a portion of rent expenses based on income level, household composition, the cost of housing and approved payment standards for the region. The person that is enrolled will need to pay their landlords the remaining portion that is not covered by the voucher.




In most cases, those who receive a section 8 voucher in DeKalb County need to allocate between 30% and 40% of their monthly adjusted gross income. This is the amount they will need to pay each month for rent and utility payments.

Any housing unit being leased will be subject to inspection and must satisfy certain quality standards as set by the state and HUD. Section 8 clients of Hope Haven must comply with their lease and program requirements, pay their portion of costs in a timely fashion, maintain and pay for utility connection, keep their housing unit in good condition, and inform the Public Housing Authority of any changes in income level or family composition.

A shelter is available. Not only will it give people a place to stay, but Hope Haven combined it with case management and basic needs. There will be hot meals served from the site on Rushmoore Drive, dinners, and clothing given out. They will also help the client apply for benefits, such as section 8 vouchers referenced above. Much of this is run in partnership with churches across DeKalb County.

Not only can the disabled use the shelter, but there is also the Hope Haven Dresser Court program for them. This is a supportive housing service that is for those that were homeless in the past, or that are struggling to keep up with their rent due to a low income.

Help for Homeless Adults follows a successful and effective model that includes training, case management, and advice. This is part of the Life Skills Training. There may also be some employers in DeKalb County that offer paid internships to help the homeless secure family-wage jobs. The goal is to assist clients as they work to gain a greater level of stability.

For more details on shelter or financial aid, the address is 1145 Rushmoore Drive in DeKalb, IL 60115. The main phone number is (815) 758-5765.



By Jon McNamara

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