Grants from the Homelessness Prevention Initiative of Larimer County.

Non-profits such as the Homelessness Prevention Initiative of Larimer County provide help to the needy and low income. The organization uses donations and government grants in an effort to provide for certain bills, with a focus on housing. There may be assistance for heating costs, rent, or mortgages. If someone needs other support, referrals are given for medications and gasoline vouchers for work. This is all combined with long term, poverty fighting measures including job placement.

Case mangers coordinate the resources from other non-profits and government agencies in Larimer County Colorado as well. This is done in an effort to increase the scope of what is provided to clients. So the Homelessness Prevention Initiative is one of the leading non-profits to call.

Housing Services from the Homelessness Prevention Initiative of Larimer County is funded by grants from the government and foundations. Any assistance is comprehensive. There may be eviction prevention support, which can include rent or mortgage funds. Or money may be issued for paying energy costs or heating bills.

If a client needs a new low income home or apartment to live in, then there may be assistance for a security deposit or help to set up their utility service. The Initiative may also assist with a portion of first months rent. So cash grants can be used for many expenses.

Program staff members interview applicants in order to determine whether they qualify for one of the available grants, and the applicant is required to document identity and residency. All resources in Larimer County Colorado are limited.

Funded by donations as well as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD),  Supportive Housing provides information on subsidies such as Section 8. This is combined with other  services to homeless families. The Homelessness Prevention Initiative may be able to refer residents to this program or other related resources.

A Homelessness Prevention Initiative Rental Assistance Program provides financial aid with rent arrears for tenants who meet eligibility requirements. The review will include proof of income, age, income, residency, disability, level of need, and so on. The applicant needs to show the ability to sustain future expenses on their own. In some cases, the government supported non-profit is even able to provide short term rent assistance to low-income individuals residing in licensed care facilities.




As many studies show, the main solution to homelessness is a job and improved management or income. Therefore Career Services may help. This is available from Homelessness Prevention Initiative of Larimer County and it acts as a cornerstone for the Workforce Development Services. There are case managers, volunteers and employment specialists that will conduct assessments.

Based on the results, the next steps are to create pathways to employment and/or career advancement for incumbent workers in Larimer County. The Homelessness Prevention Initiative will also help individuals with little or no previous work experience.

The services in Larimer County touch on Digital Employment Workshops, Monthly Free Employment Seminars, Success Strategies Workshops (Job Readiness Training), and staff also create Customized Training Programs. Their employment specialists provide assessments and create pathways to a new job or career advancement for incumbent workers as well as individuals with little or no previous work experience.

Sometimes homelessness can be caused by unsafe living conditions. So the Home Rehabilitation is a program from the Larimer County Homelessness Prevention Initiative which provides updates and safety improvements. Either a grant or maybe a no interest loan is used to pay for this.

Any work done to a property will need Housing Development Authority Standards. Most of this assistance is targeted at the disabled or elderly, and in many cases some costs need to be beared by the property owner. Examples of work can include the following:
-Roofing, such as minor patches.
-Furnace and HVAC work, in particular during the summer and winter.
-Minor plumbing.
-In some cases, volunteers from the Homelessness Prevention Initiative of Larimer County can help with minor housework, such as mowing a yard or changing a light bulb.




The non-profit may also offer Emergency Repairs. These are aimed at solving health or safety issues. Volunteers may also help with this work.

For more details, the office is at 424 Pine Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524. The phone number is 970.407.7021.


By Jon McNamara

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