Hillsborough County Community Action Agency assistance Progras.

The number of assistance programs administered by the Hillsborough County Community Action Agency are extensive. They are wide ranging and can include emergency funds for addressing eviction and utility disconnections. Another focus of the non-profit is on helping seniors and children that live in the county and provide for their needs.

The social services are administered from several different centers in the county. Case managers can help qualified low income families apply for the proper programs, whether that it funds to pay rent to prevent an eviction or provide food for them and their family members. The is also rehousing services for the homeless, including referrals to security deposit programs, and as indicated, help for the elderly and children in the county.

Care and assistance for seniors

The Community Action Aging Services can provide for health and services to residents ages 60 or older. There is support for the disabled and functionally impaired. Staff from the agency, and the county for that matter, encourage physical, social, economic, and emotional well-being. All of this is done in an effort to encourage independence and improve the quality of life for seniors, older adults, and their caregivers.

Case management is also provided to seniors and can provide them with ongoing support. This will include a development plan, referrals to government benefits such as Medicare, and more. There is also a referral service in place in Hillsborough County known as the helpline, and that can be reached at 1-800-963-5337. Or find other senior assistance programs in Florida.

Food and meal services are for seniors too. There are free meals served at noon as well as nutrition education programs and services. These nutrition centers are conveniently located throughout Tampa Bay and in Hillsborough County Florida.





Transportation is also available from the Sunshine Line. This is a door-to-door transportation service, but it may also pass out bus passes for low-income, elderly, and disabled persons who do not have or cannot afford their own cars or transportation. The rides are usually for Aging Services day care, medical appointments and nutrition sites, or grocery stores. However nonmedical trips are provided on a space-available basis as well, for a small fee. 813-272-7272.

Home Delivered, or Meals on Wheels, is for seniors who are homebound. They need to be unable to leave their homes due to disability, illness or maybe they are just too frail to make it to the centers. Partners for this program include the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, Florida Department of Elder Affairs, and donations. Call the Central Intake line at 813-272-5250 for more information.

The homebound can also qualify for In-Home Services. This is for the elderly age 60 and older who are functionally impaired and that are in need of assistance with activities of daily living. These support services are provided to the senior person right in their home. The care may sometimes be offered on a long term basis, for example an acute illness. However most of the support is offered on a short term basis.

Get help with activities such as dressing, bathing and grooming to assistance with essential housekeeping to ensure a safe and sanitary environment. Assistance may also include home delivered meals, personal care, and other aid. Dial the Aging Services Central phone number at 813-272-5250.

Financial aid from Hillsborough County Community Action

Rental assistance and Homeless Prevention services are available across Hillsborough County from the community action agency. Struggling, qualified residents apply for financial assistance with shelter costs to avoid homelessness and eviction. Those that need a place to live can also look into security deposit or emergency loan programs for rent or other bills.

The neighborhood service centers can advise on this. They have case managers on site that can determine eligibility for any one time rent payments. Any funds paid out would go directly to landlords or the apartment community.

While the terms of the program will vary, as well as the length of it, in general it will be for a matter of weeks. The case manager from Hillsborough County Community Action will work with the clients on this and decide. They will also decide whether a loan is used for the rental assistance, or some other form of financial support. Self-sufficiency plans will also need to be created and agreed to.

Other emergency assistance and Social Services are wide ranging. Staff members from the non-profit will assess the situation of each county resident seeking social services or support. They will determine their eligibility for various types of financial assistance, and it is wide ranging. Self-sufficiency will also be a requirement. This will be job training, employment placement, and similar activities.




For those facing a crisis, limited financial assistance may be paid out. The Neighborhood Centers may usually help with paying utilities, shelter costs, Homeless Prevention, transportation, and more. Ongoing aid is usually in the form a referral to public or Florida benefits, such as SSDI disability or TANF.

The community action agency is involved in offering a Free Tax Preparation session. The Prosperity Campaign of Hillsborough County is program that helps people save money and receive all deductions they are entitled too. The non-profit works with the Hillsborough County Government, the United Way and other organizations to run this free VITA income tax preparation program.

LIHEAP, or the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, is a resource that is for low income households that meet certain government income guidelines. When grants are offered, at most a few hundred dollars is paid out to qualified applicants. There is also a program in Florida targeted at seniors, and that is the Elderly Home Energy Assistance Program, or EHEAP. This is also more of a Hillsborough County Community Action crisis program for disconnections or those that are faced with a disconnection.

Hillsborough County Health Care Plan is for the very low income and residents faced with poverty. It is also known as HCHCP and will ensure patients have medical and/or dental assistance. While there are community clinics in the county, many working poor people can’t even use those at they do not have the means to pay for health insurance costs or medical bills on their own. They also can't afford to seek health care until their medical problems or situations become too severe. This can sometimes even mean using an emergency room, and the Hillsborough County Health Care Plan can help prevent that from occurring.

Assistance for child and day care is available too. Hillsborough County, using Florida and federal funds, either directly operates and/or partners with multiple daycare centers. The service is for income qualified parents who are in job training, working and/or seeking full time employment. In addition to that, Head Start contracts with Lutheran Services and Tampa YMCA to provide full-day care as well as Public Schools in the county in order to provide part-day daycare.

Educational programs

Hillsborough County Community Action Program Early Head Start and Head Start programs provide income qualified families with early childhood development services for their child as well as education. Other assistance for the child under the age of 6 can be free dental, medical, and mental health care, nutrition as well as family support social service type programs that are specific to the parents and even expectant mothers.





This is a federal government funded early childhood programs for low-income families with children ages 0 through 4, including those with a disability or special needs. Classrooms across the county have an excellent teacher to child ratio which will be. Staff members as well as teachers will be involved in screening children to determine their overall level of development. They will also make ongoing assessments to monitor each child’s progress throughout the Head Start program.

The main Hillsborough County Community Action Program centers are as follows. Call for intake or information on their services.

Lee Davis Center, 3402 N. 22nd St., Tampa, FL 33605, dial 813-272-5220
Plant City Center, 307 N. Michigan, Plant City, FL 33566, telephone number is 813-757-3871
Ruskin (SouthShore) Center, 201 14th Ave. SE, Ruskin, FL 33570, 813-671-7647
University Community Resource Center is based at 13605 N. 22nd St., Tampa, FL 33613, telephone 813-975-2153
The West Tampa Center - 2103 N. Rome Ave., Tampa, FL 33607, main phone 813-272-5074


By Jon McNamara

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