Hill Country Family Services assistance programs.

HCFS, or Hill Country Family Services, takes a holistic approach to assisting their clients. The charity only provides support in Kendall County, but the services are wide ranging. HCFS offers clothing, food, rent and electric bill help, as well as guidance. The agency also connects families to other social services in the community.

Applicants can from all backgrounds. There is support for immigrants and non-English speakers, the unemployed, and others. However they need ID, copy of income, and of course proof of Kendall County residency. People should also bring copies of a lease/mortgage document, prescriptions, insurance information, and all supporting documentation.

Hill Country Family Services can assist individuals as well as struggling families with their nutritional needs. The non-profit provides free perishable and non-perishable foods, including meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, bread, yogurt, and more to approximately dozens of people each month. The pantry is open to anyone and the income qualifications are not as strictly enforced. Note most of what is given is donated, as the surplus food is collected from area churches, grocery stores, restaurants, and individuals who contribute to HCFS.

The food bank, which is on site, is the tool used to help families with emergency food boxes. As far as other resources that are offered, the soup kitchen has staples, such as a hot lunch or dinner. The homeless as well as households living in poverty may all use this program.

HCFS is part of a network of providers in Kendall County Texas who assist homeless families to re-enter affordable housing as rapidly as possible, within 90 days or less. They also assist those facing an eviction or with a utility disconnection notice. In order to determine if qualified for rent or security deposit help, or Rapid Rehousing eligibility, all clients must be screened and assessed.

The services focus on families in Kendall County only that have a short term crisis. Rapid re-housing is a set of strategies that permanently houses families as quickly as possible where level and duration of support is tailored to meet the needs of each household. Each household has seeking a new apartment a lease in their name and is connected to mainstream self sufficiency services in the community. If they are behind on their rent or energy costs, then they too can apply for help.





Hill Country Family Services second-hand store was set up to be a thrift shop. It is known as a Resale and Retail Store, and is based at 118 W. Advogt. The hours are Tuesday to Saturday. The site sells gently used donated goods. In rare cases there may be some new items for sale at the store, if someone from the community did decide to donate them. There may also be new merchandise at the thrift store that is donated from from liquidators or that HCFS will buy.

The location will allow the charity to raise money from the sale of those goods. It is then used to pay for the assistance programs, such as the homeless shelter and other specific assistance. So the money raised from the thrift store can help Kendall County County families pay their rent, cover medical needs, utilities, gasoline, and other critical necessities.

As noted, a holistic approach is taken by the non-profit. This means that all needs are addressed. To this end, the HCFS Family Development Program (FDP) offers a wide range of integrated services. FDP's overall goal in this effort is to improve quality of life by raising the educational achievement levels as well as the standard of living for those in need. There is support on budgeting, debt counseling, and employment. The service will assist low-income as well as underemployed families and individuals in Kendall County.

Appointments are always needed, and bring proof of income delinquent bills, ID, and more. The main intake office is at 118 W Advogt St., Boerne, Texas. The appointment number is (830) 249-8643. The client services provided are effective at dealing with an emergency or other need.



By Jon McNamara

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