Helping Hands of Paulding County emergency assistance programs.

Struggling families may be able to receive short term assistance from Helping Hands of Paulding County. The non-profit faith based charity, like many others, may be able to help in a crisis provided the person has a source of income and the means to pay for future needs on their own. The assistance in Paulding County may range from funds for housing to food, energy bills, and of course general case management.

When seeking support, note that all resources are limited. Any assistance in the Dallas Georgia charity comes with restrictions as well as a formal application process. However even if the agency can't help then other support may be arranged, such as referrals to government aid such as SNAP food stamps or welfare.

Helping Hands of Paulding works with local communities, government agencies, businesses and churches to help homeless community members meet their basic survival needs. Assistance is available from shelters every night. The locations are fixed sites and are open at the same time and location to ensure homeless clients know about shelters and other support. The goal is to ensure services are consistent and dependable throughout their time of crisis.

Established relationships between homeless adults and children with volunteers are documented which allows them access to further assistance. Many people have been able to get off the street and move into shelters in Paulding County. The next step is to help them access to job referrals, transportation assistance, and linkage to other agencies or medical clinics are made as needed. Homeless clients are always welcomed at local churches as well. Two key shelter partners are William S. Davies Homeless Shelter on 228 South Broad Street in Rome as well as Elizabeth Inn Emergency Shelter in Marietta.

Referrals to public aid in Georgia and Paulding County are available. The agency has access to a database and other sources of information on state and federal benefits. Case managers can also help people understand and apply to them as well. Learn about the type of government aid available in places where you live, work, or play.

Case managers assist clients in determining their eligibility for several different state of Georgia and federal government benefits programs such as SNAP food stamps, Medicaid, TANF grants, and section 8 housing. There are also details on tax credits for low income families including Earned Income and Additional Child Tax Credits.





Helping Hands of Paulding County sponsored Crisis Intervention Services was established as a short-term process for helping address the individual or struggling family's emergency needs. Case managers from the non-profit are focused on the resolution of the immediate problem by offering the applicant referrals. Some common types of crises covered by the programs are as follows.

Housing needs, including grants for rent for tenants facing eviction. Mediation is also used for improving landlord/tenant relations or there may be funds for people pending utility shut off. Other financial aid from Helping Hand is for other crisises, such as lack of transportation or medications, or there is also help in acquiring food.

The services also help victims of domestic violence. There is also help from Helping Hands of Paulding County for people impacted by drug and alcohol challenges or those with a mental health barrier. Last, shelter, money for security deposits, and budgeting classes are offered.

The Crisis Services will also involve the creation of an family assessment plan. This is done by the staff to determine the nature of the crisis and as part of this a formalized service plan is negotiated by the non-profit. This step is taken between the family/client and the crisis intervention worker.

A food ministry is one tool used to serve low income residents. It can also help families in Dallas Georgia and across the county that are facing a short term emergency. New families are always welcome to apply for support (if they meet the criteria) and all client requests are held in the strictest confidence. While Helping Hands of Paulding County will try to provide more flexible hours for clients from the area, this really depends on volunteers as well as what the pantry even has to serve.

Helping Hands partners with many other local charities and churches on the operation of the food bank. Whether it is a more regional partner such as Feeding America, or local farmers markets and restaurants across Georgia, there may be free, fresh produce or non-perishable food as well.




Adult Basic Education (ABE) tutors as well as volunteer teachers understand how challenging life can be for an adult who lacks some of the key skills needed for the workplace or those that have never learned to read. The program offers instruction in basic skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. There are services such as GED training, ESL classes and more. They all facilitate learning and help people reach their goals.

The faith based Helping Hands of Paulding County is based at 228 West Spring Street in Dallas, Georgia 30132. The phone number is 770-443-1230.


By Jon McNamara

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