Helping Hand of Hope emergency assistance programs.

Helping Hand of Hope is involved in providing emergency assistance to struggling families across the region. When possible, the non-profit will try to prevent eviction, hunger, and address medical conditions. Another goal is to help a client gain self-sufficiency. The methods in which these are done are by offering one time funds for rent or utility bills. Or there may be vouchers for prescription medications or a box of food.

Anyone seeking help from agency will need to partner with staff to address the reason for their hardship. The financial assistance is for a short term hardship only and the goal of Helping Hand of Hope is to support the family as they overcome their hardship and break the cycle of poverty or homelessness. Therefore that case management process is always stressed.

Programs for financial aid

Low-income families in need of financial support for housing purposes can turn to Helping Hand of Hope for the possibility of Emergency Rental, Utility Bill and Mortgage Assistance. In some cases, financial aid is offered to help clients maintain their current residence, cover first month’s rent expenses at a new home or secure temporary shelter. The last item is when a motel voucher may be issued.

Also, in partnership with the Hardin-Larue County Community Clinic, there may be financial help in acquiring prescription medications. Normally the income qualified low income patient will be given a discount on what they need.

Applicants must satisfy stringent eligibility requirements. Financial assistance, which is often provided in the form of an interest free loan, is capped at a maximum amount, and a specified period of time must pass before a household in Hardin County Kentucky can request additional aid. The availability of this service is contingent upon adequate funding.




Through the Disaster Relief as well as Emergency Intervention Program, eligible low-income families can replace certain items destroyed in a fire or flood. There may be placement into a shelter, food provided, replacement furniture and more. This is also run in partnership with charities such as the American Red Cross. This was designed to provide immediate assistance when no other resources are available.

Helping Hand of Hope Choice Food Pantry will have a diverse section of items. The use of this center will free up a person's income so it’s easier for them to pay other bills or housing expenses they have. When passed out, a food pantry box usually last for a few days. There may be groceries the person can use to prepare their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The contents may be meat, fruits, dairy and vegetables and more.





Basic needs and employment from Helping Hand of Hope

Helping Hand of Hope career-clothing closet is located in Elizabethtown Kentucky. There may be appropriate professional work attire for interviews and a small wardrobe for starting a career. There may be some goods passed out to people who are enrolled in job training.

This service is designed to help men and women transition into self-sustaining employment. The career-clothing closet is limited in capacity. It may be available to Helping Hand of Hope clients, individuals who have received referrals from other local agencies or workforce centers, college students and guests of homeless shelters in the Hardin County area.

Transportation can be arranged too. This is for more local Elizabethtown needs. Volunteers can bring a senior to a medical appointment. Or if someone needs a critical ride to an interview, that can often be coordinated too.

Personal Development Coaching involves meeting in a one-on-one setting with a Helping Hand of Hope case manager to set goals and learn about resources. After that, follow-up appointments are made for additional assistance and support. This is the service that an underemployed family can use to find a new or better job. Employment specialists will help the person overcome barriers they are facing.

Helping Hand of Hope Free Annual Tax Preparation Program provides state of Kentucky and federal income tax return preparation for residents. For those on a low income, the non-profit will encourage everyone to make use of this service. It is especially ideal for students at the colleges or senior citizens.




As part of VITA, volunteer tax preparers are trained to ensure that all filers receive any credits to which they are entitled. This includes for day care bills, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), employment credits, and many others.

Another part of this will involve budgeting. Clients of Helping Hand will learn about topics such as saving money and paying down debts. Taking these types of steps can go a long way towards making a long term difference in a household finances. Another topic covered as part of budgeting is avoiding some of the high priced lenders that are too common around Kentucky and Hardin County.

The faith based group also needs donations to keep their services running. Helping Hand of Hope is located at 6796 S. Wilson Rd., Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701. The phone number is 270.769.3092.

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