Helping Hand assistance programs and financial aid.

Providing everything from emergency food to a thrift store and financial support, Helping Hand may be able to assist low income and poor residents of Benton County Arkansas. While any help is offered on a first come and served basis, the non-profit does have some resources available for those that are less fortunate.

The group is set up as a partnership of local churches and faith based charities. It relies heavily on donations from local businesses and the hard work of volunteers. In fact, due to this, they are one of the biggest faith based groups of Northwest Arkansas.

The emergency financial aid is in highest demand, but as in many places, it is very limited. The charity may offer money as a form of rental assistance or grants for paying energy bills. This will tend to be for those in Benton County with an eviction or disconnect notice.

When someone from the county is currently homeless, the charity will provide referrals and information on shelters and more. At the same time, meals and items such as clothing or personal hygiene will be addressed. The goal is to get people off the streets and also help them regain housing stability. So a wide variety of support systems are used to make this happen.

Some of the more basic needs from the non-profit may be formula for babies or free diapers. There may also be vouchers to pay for prescriptions, or rarely, visits for doctors and medical professionals. They also operate a food pantry with free groceries and related supplies.

The food pantry will usually feed over 100 or so needy families per day. Clients will be provided a box or bag of groceries. Special holiday programs are also administered in some years. It is also occupied by volunteers from the non-profit agency. Many of these same volunteers from Benton County also occupy the thrift store.

The thrift store referenced above is open to the general population in Benton County. It will sell gently used household items like furniture, clothing, electronic, and other items. There may be Christmas toys, winter coats, and other items for children too. Some people say the on site store is such high quality, that it can even be compared to a high end department store!




The money raised from the same of any goods will be use to fund operations and provide assistance to those facing poverty in Benton County. The store is located at 320 Airport Road in Bentonville, Arkansas.

When seeking assistance, Helping Hands will require various conditions to be met. They will require a Social Security Card, photo ID, or maybe a copy of the lease with your landlord. As noted, all funds and resources are limited, and the application will be closely scrutinized by staff. However one benefits from this organization is their programs are flexible, and they may be able to help people in different ways.

If someone does not qualify, then referrals may be offered to other local, federal, or state of Arkansas resources. While in some cases, they may have a long application process for that type of aid, low income families do have other options available to them.

For more information on their services or how they can help, Helping Hands Inc. is located at 320 Airport Road, Bentonville, Arkansas. 72712. Call the organization at (479) 273-2511.




By Jon McNamara

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