Help with paying heating bills Fairfax County Virginia.

Fairfax County Virginia can be impacted by cold weather during the winter months. When this happens there are assistance programs that can help low income families pay their heating bills. Whether the family uses natural gas, heating oil, propane, electricity, or some other fuel source, there are a few options available that can provide help.

Not only can the heating bill be either partially or fully paid, but there are also programs that can assist with paying for furnace repairs or new heating systems. Additional federal government grants may also provide free energy conservation updates to a home or apartment, but there is usually a waiting list in place for this service.

While a family can always try a local church or charity in their part of Fairfax County Virginia, the four main regional heating bill assistance programs are noted below. The application process, as well as funding levels, will vary for each of them. In general the agency needs proof of income, copies of past bills that proved the account was in good order in the past, and proof of hardship.

Since the demand for money to pay heating or gas bills exceeds the resources available, not everyone will be assisted. However they will generally try to refer the client to another local non-profit or government agency for their needs. The resources cover all of Fairfax County, including but not limited to the towns of Annandale, Centreville, Oakton, and Springfield.

LINK is a regional non-profit. Applicants to the emergency financial aid program for paying gas or heating bills need a referral from either a church in Fairfax County or Social Worker. The organization does not take walk-ins or provide grants for heating bills without a referral. Dial 703 222-0880 to reach the Fairfax County Coordinated Services Planning Department. In some cases a loan will be issued to pay a bill for heating or winter fuel expense, but the interest rate will be reasonable.

Northern Virginia - Washington Area Fuel Fund of Fairfax Corps
4915 Ox Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Main phone: (703)-385-8700
This fund uses donations from individuals and businesses to help qualified low income families, the disabled, and Virginia. Only heating bills that result from electricity can be paid. This will not help with natural gas costs. It is open for applications in January of each year, as funding lasts.





Department of Social Services operates three programs which may help with paying winter heating costs. They are as follows. The first is Fuel Assistance or LIHEAP. The application process starts in October, and very low income Fairfax County residents can get a federal government grant to help pay heating bills.

The second option from DSS is the Crisis program, and this runs from January to March. It assists when the fuel program does not cover the households heating costs and if the applicant has a shut off notice or a broken furnace. The Fairfax DSS also processes applications for weatherization, which helps families reduce their total energy costs. For information, dial 804-726-7000.

Another option is all of northern Virginia is the Citizens Energy Oil Program (CITGO). This will provide either free or low cost heating oil to the working poor that have an empty tank. In general, the CITGO assistance program will provide at most 100 gallons of oil. However it does run out quickly. The toll free number is (877)563-4645.




By Jon McNamara

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