Salvation Army assistance programs n Hardin County.

The Christian church, faith based Hardin County Kentucky Salvation Army helps the poor, homeless, and people in an emergency. Using donations, money raised from the thrift store, and volunteers the charity offers a wide variety of assistance programs to income qualified families in the Elizabethtown region, as noted below.

A main focus of the charity is on offering free basic supplies, and this comes in many different forms. There is free food from a pantry; clothing for job seekers; Christmas toys; free Thanksgiving turkey meals; Easter baskets; meals from a soup kitchen; supplies for residents of Hardin County recovering from a disaster; and much more. All of these items are given, as donations allow, on an as needed basis by the Salvation Army.

Pantry/food bank – This gives out groceries. Soup, peanut butter and jelly, rice, canned milk, tuna, and other non-perishable items. The Hardin County Salvation food pantry is client choice, and can be used in an emergency.

Adopt a Family, Angel Tree, and Toys for Tots – These are the primary Christmas toy, meal, and present programs. Donors and volunteers from the Elizabethtown as well as surrounding community keep it operating each year.

Holiday meals and food baskets – These feed the poor, seniors, homeless, and lonely.

Salvation Army soup kitchen – When anyone needs a meal, whether a hot lunch or dinner, this is one option. The church can feed individuals with hot meals, sandwiches, drinks, and more.

Clothing and furniture bank – Surplus stuff donated from the community is passed out, for free, to the needy as well as low income. Or the location may offer referrals to other clothing banks.

Vouchers – These are used for survivors of a disaster. Families or individuals impacted can be given a variety of items to help them rebuild, such as refurnish a home or apartment, meals, clothes, and other goods.





The thrift store is also on site. One big difference with this program and the others referenced above is that the store does sell stuff to the public; they do not give it away like some of the other programs above. But the type of items that someone may be able to find is wide ranging, and can be furniture, appliances, electronics, coffee tables, couches, dishes, books, arts and crafts, and much more.

Using funds from the community, there may be some emergency crisis grants from the Hardin County Salvation Army. The funds go to pay a wide range of bills, including housing expenses such as rent or a mortgage payment. There can be utility bills paid (water. Electric, lights), and some of the grants can also be issued as vouchers. When that is done, a voucher can help pay for medications, gasoline for work or an interview, and a local bus ticket as well.

Case management and free advice is also offered to clients of all. This is the Salvation Army working with the individual who is a client on their long term needs around income, employment, and more. A life Ministry is used for this process, and the non-profit will also partner with other groups as needed.

Some of the case management is for short term needs (such as maybe answering one or two questions of the client) and some of the advice is for long term (including how to grow a career, obtaining government benefits including food stamps or SSI disability, and stopping addictions). This in effect means the Elizabethtown based Christian church charity tackles both short and long term needs of the agency.

The Salvation Army center will do what it can from its location at Elizabethtown 1006 N Mulberry St, 42701. Any type of assistance provided will require an appointment with a screening process in place. In addition the resources available are of course very limited. The main number to call for information on assistance, whether financial, case management, or free material goods is 270-982-0833.



By Jon McNamara

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